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Rebecca P.

To feel better about myself

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Favorite Health Food: Chicken and salads

Favorite Sinful Food: every dessert

My Preferred Method of Exercise: cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: dreading not eating what I want

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Rebecca P.

11/03/2019 9:30AM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
  • Finishing up the work then back to Liift4! Hope I can actually lose 4% this time around

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Rebecca P.

I love it!!!! It’s challenging, but doable!

amanda c.

I’m onto that program next! Finishing up the last phase of mm100

Cassidy A.

11/02/2019 3:14AM in Joel's Fall Blast!
  • The Work Wk4 The Crucible. These photos get pretty repetitive but this is how I feel after every workout. Today was 8 Moves 75 reps each with a 30 sec army crawl in between. I don’t know what burned more my upper body or my lower body ????. No shame in modifying part way through a couple of the moves, I still felt every single rep!

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Cassidy A.

Erin I am loving this program!!! It was definitely worth the early access! It’s pushing me to limits I have not been pushed before and he definitely kicks your butt each workout!

Rebecca P.

I caught a bad cold and didn’t do the crucible last night because of the coughing. I hope I can make it through today!

Cassidy A.

10/29/2019 3:09AM in Joel's Fall Blast!
  • The Work Wk4 Strength & Power....And just when you think it couldn’t get any tougher! Sh*t that was tough! I had to mentally keep myself afloat today. I didn’t think I could keep going but I survived! Legs were on FIRE today! 🔥

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Mind over matter...you did it!!! Congrats :tada:

Rebecca P.

Getting ready to hit play, now I’m scared!

Joel F.

10/28/2019 10:00PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
With only a few days left before the final weigh-in, now’s the time to make some tweaks if needed! If you’re feeling like you need a little more help, look at either amping up your workouts, or looking to drop a few calories in your daily intake. Remember, this is only to help meet a goal, not long term so don’t be afraid to play around with things a bit.😊👍

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It's getting harder as I get closer to my ultimate goal, not sure if I will make this game but seeing good progress overall!

Mandi H.

I've had a bad cold and been utilizing quite a bit of medicine. Anyone experience bloating and/or water retention with cold medicine? Nutrition has been good and exercising when I can but dont understand this 3 lb weight gain.

Joel F.

10/22/2019 10:00PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Happy Wednesday! Using only emojis, show me how you’re feeling and how you’re going to finish this bet!

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Jennifer L.


Amy L.


Rebecca P.

10/21/2019 10:14AM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Wow started my 3rd week of THe Work! Feeling strong. Eating isn’t bad, in fact not eating much but not losing weight either! Frustrating😡

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Yea that can be frustrating!


Not eating much? That could be affecting your results. Remember that you should be eating the proper amount.

Beverly C.

10/06/2019 10:12AM in Joel's Fall Blast!
I’m officially in! Groceries bought, meals planned. Went to a cardio Zumba class at gym this morning to kick start my journey. Nutrition is my problem but I’ve already warned my husband I’m on my own meal plan for the next few weeks. He rolled his eyes. Motivated me even more to reach my goal!

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Rebecca P.

I got the same reaction from my husband. He whined and said “so I have to suffer because you are doing this diet bet.” Yep!

amanda c.

You got this! Sorry your husband isnt on board.

Joel F.

10/06/2019 8:23AM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Happy Weekend everyone, I hope you’re ready to ROCK this bet starting tomorrow! In an effort to help you all be as successful as possible over the next 4 weeks, please follow the link below for some additional nutritional information AND a list of all the LIIFT4 Hybrid calendars I’ve made over the past year, all in one convenient place for your choosing pleasure :-)


So the question is: What calendar will YOU choose?!

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amanda c.

Diet bets links stuck! if you just go to his website joelfreemanfitnessdotcom /dietbet then you can get all his great resources!

Becky K.

So maybe this is a dumb question, but I got to thr website but it asks for a password. Did I miss something??


10/05/2019 6:49PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Weight verified. Haven’t weighed this much in awhile. Sure hope this will be the kick in the pants I need

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Seanna P.

I'm in the same boat... We got this

amanda c.

I have been battling my weight for awhile! Time to dial in my nutrition in hope it’s helps me break the cycle.

Rebecca P.

10/02/2019 9:06AM in Joel's Fall Blast!
How do we know when the friends we referred join?

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amanda c.

You can search for them one the desktop version at DietBet.com
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