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I want to feel better mentally and physically. I don't feel comfortable in my own skin.

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Favorite Health Food: Most any kind of fruit.

Favorite Sinful Food: Cake. Chips.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running or 80 Day Obsession.

My Approach to Weight Loss: I workout a lot. But I eat a lot too. 🤦

DietBet Winnings: $50.31

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Joel F.

11/01/2019 10:00PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Alrighty my amazing DietBet-ers...final thoughts for this game:

- Just like I say the last day of the LIIFT4 program, "This isn't the end, it's only the beginning." Whether you make your 4% goal or not, use this momentum that YOU have created for yourself this month and keep driving towards your goals, whatever they are! YOU did this and only YOU can keep it going, which I KNOW you can!!

- Winners will be announced for all the prizes once all the weigh-ins are completed and I get all the data from DietBet, usually takes a few weeks.

Finally, I wanted to say THANK YOU again for making this my most successful DietBet yet and I can't even begin to describe how PROUD of all you I am and honored that you have all become part of the #liift4life tribe. You are all AMAZING!!

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Melissa M.

Thank you for kicking butt into gear with this diet bet!

Megan H.

Thank you Joel! Down 9.4 pounds, out of the obese BMI, and I quit smoking during this dietbet! I was really worried I wouldn’t make my goal, but I freaking crushed it! :sunglasses:


11/08/2019 5:35PM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
I have friends doing this with me this time! I'm so excited! ❤

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Jennifer B.

11/08/2019 4:28AM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
I’m sure this has been posted a ton so I’m sorry! I haven’t owned a scale in years. Anyone have recommendations on what is the best one?

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I need to get that one heard great things about itv

amanda c.

This is a great question. I have been wanting a new one. Ill have to check out the RENPHO


11/04/2019 5:03PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Anyone else reward themselves with new workout gear when they hit a goal? Lol new Lorna Jane workout clothes coming right up! Congratulations Dietbeters. This was my first and I looooved it. On to the next (Breanne's) to keep my momentum!

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Tineke V.

I thought about it, but I hope to lose more weight with my next diet bet, so I will wait.

Amanda B.

Yes spent 150


11/02/2019 2:26PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
  • Finishing this Dietbet with double Cardio Saturday. T25 Speed 2.0 & Liift4 Wk7 Hiit ✅

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Good job! :punch:


Def good choices!

Joel F.

10/31/2019 10:00PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Happy Friday and almost #dunzo with this DietBet! With only two workout days left, don’t let off the gas! Get some good, solid sweat sessions in and stay in your caloric deficit to really maximize that final weigh-in.

Accountability check: what two workouts are you doing for today and tomorrow?

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Today was a rest day, tomorrow will be a LIVE workout with Amolia at 10am...wish me luck!!

April J.

Last 2 days of Liift4/CDF calendar!!

Joel F.

10/29/2019 10:08PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
We all know the point of DietBet is to reach a scale goal. This is one way to measure progress, but if you’ve followed me for a while on social media you know I believe non-scale victories can be even more important and meaningful to your goals: fitting into a different clothing size, getting stronger (aka: building muscle), feeling more in control of your food cravings, just feeling healthier and more! Today, I’d love for you all to celebrate BOTH your scale and non-scale victories since starting this DietBet.

Comment your non-scale victory below!

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Suzanne V.

I feel so much better, happier and more confident! Cravings for sweets, salty snacks and bread have decreased.

April J.

I feel so much stronger and my clothes are getting really loose! :grinning:

Joel F.

10/27/2019 10:00PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Well helllllo final DietBet week! Here’s the dealio...no matter how good or “bad” this past weekend might’ve gone in your opinion or in reality, don’t let any of it derail you! Focus on this last week and commit to the best possible (realistic) workouts and results you can...stay real and stay consistent!
Ya with me?

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kaylyn n.

Let’s do this!

Jill K.

I am with you Joel!

Joel F.

10/20/2019 10:00PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Happy Monday! How’d the weekend go for you? What’s your focus for week three?

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Kelly B.

My focus is to get the needle on the scale unstuck

Karen B.

I need to stop the 3:30 snack binge. I am suddenly starving every day at that time. No snack will fill me up between then and dinner.

Joel F.

10/13/2019 10:00PM in Joel's Fall Blast!
Happy Monday!
1.) How’d your weekend go?? Are there any tweaks you need to make this week?
2.) Any other football buffs out there? How’d your team(s) do this weekend? My Rams stunk it up :-(

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Sara P.

1. Weekend went well. Got my workouts in but enjoyed a couple of cheats. I'm still working on nailing down my nutrition.
2. My teams split - Steelers won and the Giants lost (as expected). I was bummed the Rams lost as I went 3-1 in the football pool. :( Maybe I need to stay away from your Rams!


Go Hawks!
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