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05/24/2021 2:14AM in Member Maintainer
The post-January slump hit and has kept up for me RE: exercise. I think it had to be wrapped up with work deadlines and family life balance and guilt. I am really working to refocus today and make this week what I need it to be and get back on the exercise horse.

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Karen C.

Do you use a fitness tracker app? I am motivated by "checking the box" or whatever. Another tip is to just commit to 10 minutes if you truly aren't feeling it. After 10 minutes you will almost always go ahead and complete the workout.


Those are good tactics. I do use MyFitnessPal and Fitbit app. My Fitbit has gone missing and I do miss the reminders on my wrist! I’ll set some reminder notifications through the phone apps. Thanks!
Karen C. accepted the challenge.
05/12/2021 8:01AM in Member Maintainer
The pot is now $490

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04/29/2021 4:46PM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
I be losing this one. Enjoy my money.

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Karen C.

Don't give up!


I will try again... sometime in the near future. Work is taking a load on me right now. No worries, I'm doing great, just need to refocus.

Karen C.

04/29/2021 7:47AM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
That was a close one! I like to weigh in up to 48 hours early to give myself plenty of room. On monday, I was .4 over, so I figured I'd try for Tuesday. On Tuesday, I was still .4 over and on Wednesday, I was two pounds over! So Wednesday, I did a little extra cardio, drank a lot more water, watched what I ate and didn't eat anything past 6 p.m. That did the trick and I was good this morning. I tell myself I'm not going to cut it so close, but then I always do.

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Keith A.

04/18/2021 2:02PM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
  • My exercise buddy for the day. 70 minutes and 485 calories so far - may do some more later, before the snow we are predicted to get Monday night moves in.

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Eric K.

You must have a big yard!

Keith A.

Mowed some at the church, which is right next door.

Karen C.

04/16/2021 3:05PM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
I just did a lose 3% that ended yesterday, and I'm doing one that ends in a week or so, and now this one. Trying to stay accountable and not completely back track when a bet ends. I hit my goal last March and fought valiantly not to let the pandemic get me. And it didn't, but the past few months I slipped into my bad habits - not tracking my calories, and snacking too much for starters. I'm motivated to reach that goal again.

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sharon c.

Good luck!

Mollie D.

03/25/2021 6:19PM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
How's it going for everyone? 😀

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Down 3.5 lbs! How's it going for you?

J M.

It was going great the first week - hit a new low. Then came up a bit, and today was not great. Tomorrow’s a new day!!