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Karen C.

02/22/2021 6:24AM in Flex Kickstarter
I want to do the weekly weigh in but I might not be at my goal and I don't want it to count as my weigh out. Does anybody know how that will work?

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Karen C.

I didn't know that was an option, I've always been in some sort of game. Sounds like I can do that. Or, fingers crossed, maybe I'll make the goal here by Wednesday. :)

Walter L.

Click on the account tab then on the membership link and it will bring you to a place to submit your weekly weight-in

Calvin J.

02/12/2021 2:15PM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
Could someone please explain the winnings math on this one? I’m a bit confused.

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Karen C.

I did math. 122 players times $35. $4270. Diet Bet apparently took a little less than a third of that. A third is $1281. If the remaining $2989 was divided up among the 89 "winners" that would be $33.58. I thought this was a member only, split the entire pot bet, but apparently it wasn't. Definitely the lamest payout of any bet I've done.

Calvin J.

Thank you: I appreciate this. I see now there are “split the whole pot” games and this one isn’t one of those. What is the point of paying an annual fee to have WayBetter take a big chunk? I also see that they’ve limited the number of member only games compared to when I was a member before. I’ve had $0 “wins” before so that’s why I became a member. Also wish they’d tell the truth. We didn’t win $35.58. We won 58 cents. Woohoo, and congratulations!

Karen C.

02/11/2021 1:16PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! NEW YEAR STRONG!
I won! And I stacked diet bets so I have to maintain this until I weigh in again next week. I'm reminding myself that I did this on purpose for my own good.

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Karen C.

  • Photo of today's dog walk that put me over (under) the limit. I look like the kid from A Christmas Story.

Jenn and Kandice

Haha, You look great with your cute doggie. Awesome job today! And amazing job meeting your goal! :)

Karen C.

02/10/2021 6:43AM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
I won! But I stacked diet bets and apparently I need to lose .7 more for a weigh in tomorrow. I guess I can't celebrate and I guess that's why I did it this way.

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Bethany M.

Same! Weigh in is in 2 days and of course I got my monthly visitor today so I'll no doubt be weighing more :rage:

Karen C.

Don't lose heart @Bethany M, I have similar issues but it's not going to bring me down.

Tracy P.

02/10/2021 5:42AM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
I wish they would be quicker about verifying our weigh-ins. I got up at 4 and weighed in by 4:15. Now almost 4 hours later and I am starving and they are still verifying! 😡

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Karen C.

It is verified by humans and they may have specific working hours. I understand your frustration though and I hope it's been verified now. Congratulations! :)

Britney G.

Yes hopefully you got verified by now because I did my weigh in about an hour ago and already got verified. If not, try restarting the app or checking the spam folder of your email :)

The Ox

01/28/2021 3:02AM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! NEW YEAR STRONG!
  • Mission accomplished ... 1 Million steps in a month.

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Bridgett A.


Karen C.

Wow! That's amazing. And I did NOT know those stats were available. I have 462,000 steps for the last month, and I thought I got a lot of steps. ;)
Karen C. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2.6 pounds
01/27/2021 6:05PM in Flex Kickstarter

Total weight lost is now 113 pounds! Average is 1.2 pounds.

Corina N.

01/19/2021 10:16AM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
  • For some reason I don't seem thirsty in the past couple of days and I simply forget the water....

    On the uptake: had some delicious zucchini carbonara pasta for lunch

    How do you guys manage to cook food for you and your family, or do you have separate diets for each family member?

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Karen C.

I make the same food but watch my portions and calories. In some cases I modify a bit. For example, friday is pizza night, but mine might be frozen cauliflower crust pizza. When I serve spaghetti, I might make spaghetti squash for me. But for the most part I eat the same meals. My son is 15 so he eats the grilled chicken and salad and then might also have a PBJ or bowl of ice cream.

Cindy D.

I either eat with them with smaller, reasonable portions, or I adapt it like you have to up veggies and reduce carbs.


12/28/2020 6:46AM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
  • Day 20: coming up on home stretch. So far so good. Moved all the junk food to a high shelf in the garage. Almost threw it out.

    Get any good health related gifts over the holiday?

    Bought a massage gun as a gift to myself. If you like deep tissue, it's a good purchase.

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Nice! The right cold weather gear is essential. I hear you, I HATE wasting food too.

Karen C.

Chiming in late here, but here I am. I really hate to waste food, like really. However, a few years ago somebody said something that did stick with me. I would find myself finishing my kids plates if they didn't eat all of their food, or eating leftovers just for the sake of clearing out the fridge. My friend said, "your body is not a trash can." I always think about that now when I am batting clean up. (I did hide, but not throw away, all of the premium chocolate I got for Christmas. I plan to enjoy it in moderation, but not this week!)


12/09/2020 9:21AM in Lose 3% in 4 Weeks
B-Ri's posts inspired a bunch of players in past games to post the "good" and the "could be better" each day. I like to do that because it helps me stay on track and stay aware of challenges and solutions.

The good: Kettlebell work out. Also, staying on track on my food plan.

Could be better: On top of usual holiday stress, crazy 2020 is making it a challenge to keep the positive energy.

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Karen C.

The good: did a weight training workout, cardio workout and walked the dogs. 10,000 steps before 11:00 a.m.

The could be better: I exceeded my top weight on the member maintainer today I'm doing so I joined this bet to motivate me to knock that 3% off.


Thanks, sky. That means a lot. It's great to have support in our goals:)
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