Julia Z.

To get healthy and feel great! After having two kids and turning 30, I have felt my motivation slipping this year... I am looking forward to getting back on track!

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Favorite Health Food: Hard boiled eggs.

Favorite Sinful Food: Potato chips.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking on the treadmill.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Baby steps!

DietBet Winnings: $138.54

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Julia Z.

09/29/2020 8:49PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • My weight has gone up and down through 9 DietBet games since last October, and here is my overall weight loss so far! I feel so much healthier and more comfortable in my body! Thank you, Stacy, for inspiring me to not give up on myself! (PS: I did not win this game, but I came within less than a pound!)

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wow that's amazing. can't wait post my journey

Julia Z.

09/24/2020 8:45PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • Hit my step goal four days in a row! :D

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Julia Z.

09/16/2020 8:22PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • Found a great new walking path today! Also, I got new walking shoes... although I think they age me a decade or two, I'm okay with it because this thirty-something needs supportive soles!

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Sarah O.

I’m 33 and buy supportive shoes, our feet will thank us later in life !

Heidi S.

Comfort is king! I won’t wear anything that hurts my feet. Having surgery on my foot in January.

Toi Lynn S.

09/16/2020 1:40PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • Feeling motivated!!

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Emily R.

Good job!!

Ana M.

You got this!

Julia Z.

09/14/2020 7:44AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • Here's my healthy breakfast, a sweaty selfie, and fall foliage from my morning walk. Good start to the week!

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That’s an amazing start to your week!

Ana M.

I love the tree and your sweet smile!

Julia Z.

09/12/2020 2:22PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • I ate soo much pizza last night with my favorite extremely caloric garlic butter dipping sauce. Agh! Not my best day. I hit reset this morning and am going to keep at it!

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I’m so proud of you for logging it and moving on!! That’s exactly how I would suggest you handle it. We are all going to have days where we indulge - we’re human! How we deal with that indulgence and how we react afterward is what makes the difference!!! Always remember that one meal, or even one day, is not going to erase all the hard work and progress you’ve made!

Lori C.

Don’t be hard on yourself :heart: You are doing the right thing by resetting and making good choices today. :heart:


09/05/2020 5:05AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • DietBet gets to see it first!! ☺ Y’all, I just completed 75 Hard!!! (Yesterday was day 75.)

    It’s a mental toughness challenge. Every single day for the last 75 days I:
    - Did 2 x 45 minute workouts (one outside)
    - Drank a gallon of water
    - Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book (audiobooks don’t count)
    - Stuck to a “diet” of my choosing with no cheat meals and no alcohol
    -Took a progress picture

    No exceptions. If I had missed anything, I would have to start over at Day 1. AND I DID IT!!!

    Not only did I get off the quarantine weight, but I gained a bunch of muscle and got back my discipline. I feel like I’m back mentally to the me that I remember being during my whole weight loss!! With multiple TBIs last summer and quarantine this year I hadn’t felt like myself in quite awhile, and it feels SO GOOD to be back!! This challenge is super HARD, but it’s so worth it in my opinion!!!

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You look incredible! Definitely still making me think more and more about doing it

Lori C.

Awesome!! :raised_hands:

Julia Z.

09/03/2020 8:27PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • I was not feeling up for an evening workout today, so I did not hit my step goal. However, I have done so every other day so far, and I enjoyed a relaxing "spa night" at home complete with a face mask, essential oils, and bath salts. Now getting to sleep before 11:00 (one of my habit goals). Balance is key!

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Ana M.

It’s good to take care of yourself.

Julia Z.

09/02/2020 7:21AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • My tasty colorful breakfast! 323 calories, and I am satisfied!

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Cheryl W.



09/02/2020 3:40AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • Happy hump day! Now that we’ve all set our non-scale goals (go comment yours if you haven’t!) it’s time for a challenge for the rest of this week! Developing healthy habits is key to a successful healthy lifestyle, so I hope you like it and find it useful.

    The challenge is all about habits! As we all know, there are healthy AND unhealthy habits, and that is why I’m making this a two part challenge.

    Part 1 - Healthy Habit: Choose one healthy habit that you are going to incorporate into your daily life that will be helpful to your health journey.

    Part 2 - Unhealthy Habit: Identify one unhealthy habit that you have that you are going to make a conscious effort to stop. Make a plan for how you will stop it so you will succeed!!

    Each night make a post in our feed (not just as a comment on this post) and let us know whether or not you were successful with your habit forming/breaking. As always, accountability is key! Comment below what your habit goals will be.

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Healthy habit ...being aware of drinking more water. Getting at least 64 ounces a day . Unhealthy habit ...snacking . Make better choices and plan out my food .


Forgot to post last night - was successful yesterday in not eating 2 snack foods that I tend to overeat. And even got my 30 year old bike back from the repair shop and took a ride!
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