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Rebecca D.

11/18/2019 12:48PM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Really didn’t think I could do it!! Going to join another one to keep on going so happy right now 😁

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Katie F.

11/08/2019 7:31AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Struggling...I can feel and see the difference; less bloat and pudge on my stomach and clothes are fitting better but the scale is not budging. Not sure I can lose 3 more pounds in time. I am under my calorie count each day, limiting alcohol, and exercising 5 times per week. I refuse to starve myself. Frustrating but I will keep trying.

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Nicole M.

My exact situation too

Michelle G.

Try not eating after 5 pm. And eliminating alcohol all together. Believe it or not alcohol is like having dessert,

Rebecca D.

11/04/2019 4:19AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Gained a little this week! ☹️ so I’m now not going to have any carbs with my dinner and add another workout in after iv gone Jillian 30 day shred! I’m just hopping I can reach my target in 2 week! 😣

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Samantha M.

Im with you! I had a wicked bad week! Here we go this week tho - we can do this - two weeks is a ton of time!!! We got this


10/27/2019 7:38AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Down 4 lbs this week. I have been calorie counting like a boss and cut out all the bad foods. No sneaky bites neither.
Keep going everyone.

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That’s great!


I like that....no sneaky bites....I’m bad at those but have been really watching myself this time around.

Rebecca D.

10/27/2019 5:43AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
  • Today’s lunch with green tea while at work on this lovely Sunday!

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Looks yummy! :seedling:

Rebecca D.

10/27/2019 1:56AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Really disappointed iv only lost 1kg!

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Shauna H.

I only lost 1.2lbs :disappointed: New week, new goals :muscle:

Rebecca D.

Thanks lady’s

Rebecca D.

10/26/2019 12:49PM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Good evening everyone ( in the uk ) just did my level one 30 day shred last day tomorrow on level one. Will weigh myself in the morning but I’m scared I haven’t lost anything! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed

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Rebecca D.

Well done, just weighed myself and iv only lost 1kg really disappointed ☹️


1 kg equals about 9000 kcal! That's pretty amazing in a week!


10/26/2019 10:00AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Down 8.2 lbs since last Saturday. Carefully tracking everything I eat and making better choices.....some, not all lol.
1. No soda
2. Cut my coffee (CREAMER) in half. 😝
3. No chips or bad snacks.
4. No fast food.
5. Eating things I like...in moderation.
6. 1600-1700 calories a day.

Will be researching recipes to make even better choices and adding steps whenever I can until I can really move the way I should be able to.

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So awesome!!

Helen W.

That’s amazing!! You got this!! You’re in the zone now and doesn’t feel great when you’re rewarded for the choices!! Xx

Dani S.

10/26/2019 8:59AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
5lbs down! About 5 more to go until goal! I’m hoping to crush and surpass this goal!

Cynthia A. , Alipoodle and like this comment.

Rebecca D.

Well done :thumbsup:

Solnse S.

10/26/2019 7:42AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
  • Good morning friends! I am losing weight rapidly, everything under control and according to plan I have lost 3 , 5 pounds.

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Nour R.


Rebecca D.

Well done :thumbsup:
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