Liliana L.

I want look in the mirror and be happy what I see, to be able to wear non baggy clothing and to keep up with my 3 kidos

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Favorite Health Food: zucchini and chicken

Favorite Sinful Food: hot cheetos

My Preferred Method of Exercise: treadmill

My Approach to Weight Loss: eating right and exercising

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Liliana L.

12/11/2019 6:37PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty

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Liliana L.

12/11/2019 12:51PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty

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See??? Not wearing a condom is just being courteous!!!


I'm trying not to snort-laugh loudly at work...oh, dear.

Liliana L.

12/10/2019 12:31PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • What better way to do a #tst then with my 16 month old, I'm never alone at least when I go potty!!!

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12/09/2019 8:33PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty - via iPhone
Goodnight my Fatties!!! You are all AMAZING!!!

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You too are amazing! Sweet dreams


Awww :heart:

Liliana L.

12/09/2019 11:45AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • #BBM

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Work it!

Liliana L.

12/03/2019 4:57PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • MY 1st TST.........

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I feel like everyone makes the same face on their first TST... "wtf am I even doing?"


Like a pro
Liliana L. accepted the challenge.
11/27/2019 12:39AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
The pot is now $790

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Welcome to the ShameGame ladies!!!

Liliana L.

11/21/2019 5:46AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
Weighted myself this morning again before my shower I am 0.8lbs away from my goal. Here i thought i wasn't going to be able to achieve it, i cant wait to see what it says in the final weigh in day. We got this!!

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11/18/2019 6:27AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • Let's start this week with a giveaway! 1 winner will win one of my favorite kitchen appliances an airfryer! To win leave below your favorite kitchen appliance or air fried recipes below by Tues nov 19th at 8pm! Good luck!

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Kathy j.



Vacuum sealer


11/16/2019 10:21AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • It can be a challenge when you’re married to someone who hates vegetables lol... so I have to get creative when making meals. Chose to split up this grilled chicken for dinner a couple nights ago... mine on a salad, his on rice lol. Easy enough and both happy! Glad to say that I’m staying on track! And only 1.2lbs away from my goal!

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Laura D.

I make sure to put spinach in my smoothies so I don’t have to share :joy:
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