Nicollette L.

To be a happy and healthier me.

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Favorite Health Food: cauliflower pizza

Favorite Sinful Food: mac and cheese

My Preferred Method of Exercise: cardio - elliptical

My Approach to Weight Loss: optavia

DietBet Winnings: $45.01

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-3% Since last weigh-in-5.6 lbs
-3% 1-Month Change-5.6 lbs
-6.1% Lifetime Change-11.6 lbs

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Nicollette L.

11/21/2019 5:53AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
I need to loose 1.2 more 😩😩😩😩 going to drink a ton of water. Fingers crossed !!!

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You can do it!


11/21/2019 4:11AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
3 days left, 1.2lb to go! Tips?

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Betsy D.

Low carb, low calories, low salt, lots of water.


Replace a meal with a low cal, low carb protein shake!

Nicollette L.

11/05/2019 6:55AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • Good luck!!! Today is national donut day! If I don’t go to the kitchen I won’t be tempted!!!

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Wade M.

You've got this!!

Kim B.

11/02/2019 11:48AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
I’m a Pepsi addict! I’ve cut down to 1 per day from countless amounts of it every day. Curious what everyone drinks when they cut out soda. Looking for great tasting alternatives other than water. Already drinking a ton of that!

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Nicollette L.


Julia H.

I can totally relate when it comes to Pepsi. I tried frescas and it helped me ween off. I prefer the black cherry flavor.

Nicollette L.

11/02/2019 11:26AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • If I can get through Halloween I can get through work snacks!!!! This is soo hard lol

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Cherie B.

I understand. My job is always feeding us

Nicollette L.

Why cant they bring healthy stuff!!

Nicollette L.

10/29/2019 5:09PM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter

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Nicollette L.

10/29/2019 4:34AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • Anyone else doing this on optavia?!

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Nicollette L.

10/28/2019 10:26AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
First one! Fingers crossed. 👍

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Hayley M.

My first one as well! We got this!

Candice C.

Good luck!