Stacy R.

I am over weight! i want to be lean and strong at 50

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Broccoli 🥦

Favorite Sinful Food: chicken wings

My Preferred Method of Exercise: kick 🥊 boxing and weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: restrict calories workout hard

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Joel + Breanne F.

01/30/2021 11:30PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Happy Sunday everyone! Just like Joel says the last day of the LIIFT4 program, "This isn't the end, it's only the beginning." Whether you make your 4% goal or not, use this momentum that YOU have created for yourself this month and keep driving towards your goals, whatever they are! YOU did this and only YOU can keep it going, which we KNOW you can!!

    THANK YOU for making this our most successful DietBet yet and we can't even begin to describe how PROUD of all you we are and honored that you have all become part of the Freeman #liift4life tribe. You are all AMAZING!!

Hilary Y. , Amira L. and like this photo.

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Alexis W.

Is there a link back to the first post of the game with all the information for the app and macros? I would love to save that information for future reference!


Alexis, is this what you were looking for:

Password: FIT2021 (case sensitive)

Stacy R.

01/30/2021 6:43AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Just couldn’t resist checking this out… Doing the liift4/10 rounds hybrid -todays workout is Joel’s exclusive grab bag power… I’ve never looked at his exclusive programs and after listening to the last Q&A and he said Brianne is in his program I had to look-absolutely love it?

Rachael C. , Tri it with MS and like this photo.


I love his exclusive workouts ! Perfect for the weekend workout!

Stacy R.

01/27/2021 6:24PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Got my prize!!!!!

Laura P. , Leslie F. and like this photo.

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Julie P.

No way that is awesome!



Regina B.

01/27/2021 2:26PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Turkey Pepperoni Chips. Low carb and crunchy chip alternative. Lay about 15 slices flat on paper towel and microwave for 1 min (more if needed to crisp). Great with hummus!

Victoria K. , Jenny B. and like this photo.

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anna r.


Kara A.

These are great i put some in the air fryer...
New favorite

Joel + Breanne F.

01/26/2021 11:30PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Last recipe of the game, and a go-to nearly every night: Chocolate Protein Ice Cream!! Not sure why the photo is posting sideways- lol.

    • 30g (1 scoop) Quest Chocolate Milkshake protein powder
    • 2 tbsp (14g) sugar-free chocolate pudding mix
    • 1/2 cup (120g) vanilla unsweetened cashew/almond milk
    • 1/4 tsp (1g) guar gum
    • 1 cup of ice

    Directions: Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and enjoy! Change up the protein and pudding flavors for any ice cream you like! Optional toppings: chopped nuts, fat-free whipped cream, Marciano cherry, shredded coconut... anything you like!

    Macros per serving: 142 Calories, 1.3g Fat, 10g Carbs, 23.5g Protein

    FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN a box of Built Bar or bag of Built Boost: Share your favorite hobbies, sports, family activities – ANYTHING you enjoy doing that also boosts NEAT. For example: walks with your family, hiking, bike riding, gardening, mall shopping, canoeing. Please SHARE AS A COMMENT IN THIS POST, we love to see pics too!!! THREE WINNERS will be announced during our live Q&A on Friday.

Tralena H. , Jenny B. and like this photo.

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Amanda B.

  • I love going for walks in the woods with my dog and also hiking or snowshoeing with my husband and son. It is a great way to get more movement into my day and we find a lot of really neat places to explore.

Erin W.

Dancing in the kitchen while cooking!

Stacy R.

01/26/2021 12:59PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Don’t like it when I can’t get my morning workout in… But at least I got it done today was week 2 back & Bi’s from Liift4/ 10 rounds amazingly awesome hybrid!!

Carolyn S. , Rachael C. and like this photo.

Pamela B.

I can relate. My whole day seems off kilter when I don’t get in my morning workout first thing.

Sara G.

Me too. It was icy here, so I did 10 minutes with Shaun t, then went to work. Did day 1, week 2 of Barre blend

Stacy R.

01/25/2021 7:11AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Breakfast of champs - hit the spot today!!

Rachael C. , Whitney R. and like this photo.

Joshua S.

That breakfast looks pretty guilty yet so secretly healthy hehe. Looks so tastey :)

Stacy R.

01/24/2021 7:57AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Cleaned out a draw to store my new built bar order!!! My pooch wants some

Laura P. , Whitney R. and like this photo.


They have their own cabinet in my kitchen as well

Joel + Breanne F.

01/23/2021 11:30PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Here’s the link to to view a replay of yesterdays live Q&A if you couldn't make it, fast forward to minute 3:30:

    We also wanted to say that this DietBet has been one of the best yet! The positive energy and engagement from all of you makes all of this so much fun! We may be thousands of miles apart, but this game has brought us together- and I think it’s really helping us all feel empowered right now. Thank you for the positivity you continue to share.

    Sundays are for football in the Freeman household. How are you spending your day?

Susan , Carolyn S. and like this photo.

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Sandy L.

Watched football while finalizing a contract & backup offer from multiple offers on a house I listed Friday. Didn’t get around to do much housework other than laundry. Didn’t get around to eating too much either after busy weekend!:joy_cat:

Hilary Y.

I watched the games from a plane. Lol


01/21/2021 6:23AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne

It's that time of the week when we announce the 21 recipients of the Corsi air fryer and cookbook. You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Want a chance to get a prize next week? Become a member today! Without further ado...


Alaina CAmy L, Angie HBrook, Emily E, Fat Albert GFingBrendaHM, Jayde WJessica T, Justin B, Kelley W, Mia MNancy LSou F JonesStacy R, Stephanie ATrisha C, Valerie Z, Yasmin M, Zoe L


Next week’s prize: The Peloton Bike Works. Get the classic indoor bike we all love, plus biking shoes, weights, headphones and more. Subscription not included. 2 players will get this prize.




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Kelly W.


Lorena N.

No way! The Ultimate Prize! Definitely need this for my hubby!
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