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Joel + Breanne F.

09/28/2020 12:22PM in Get Fit with the Freemans!
  • Hi everyone, Breanne here. All I have to say is WOW! I can't say how amazing it is to see so many of you reach and exceeded you goal! over 23,000 pounds lost so far!!!!

    I have a huge smile on my face as I'm reading through your posts here..... Even if you didn't reach your DietBet goal, I would be honored to share your experience. If you have before/after pics, and a testimonial (was this your first stab at macros, what's the best piece of info you learned, how much did you lose in weight/inches, etc.) Please tag me on Instagram and/or email

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Kels S.

  • Hit those goals and my abs are starting to come out to play 🙌????

Sarah S.

  • I don't see much change but I feel it! 9.5 pounds down!! This challenge helped me Kickstart my weight-loss and start tracking food. :)

Tiffany R.

09/23/2020 6:55PM in Get Fit with the Freemans!
  • I don’t know what got into me today - but I have been following the hybrid calendar with the exception of using 10 round days (I have not completed that program either yet) as cardio and going for outdoor runs. The weather is perfect and the dogs love it - it’s a win win! Today I walked 4 miles at work throughout the day. Came home and grabbed the doggies and hit a 3 mile run in 31 minutes. And I still had some gas in the tank so I pushed play on L4 W8 Shoulders/Arms! I have enjoyed this diet bet sooo much! I hope y’all keep crushing it and don’t give up!!! 💪🙌

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Carmen B.


Jaime S.

09/23/2020 5:52PM in Get Fit with the Freemans!
  • Holy leg day Batman!!!

    LIIFT 4 Week 7 Leg day is brutal. One of the hardest leg days I've ever experienced. Again the love/hate relationship with leg day but man I was cussing and sounding like Josh pushing through.

    Lots of oooohhhhs and f#$k you Joel's especially during those pulsing squats. Thank God there was no TRIPLE BEARS. The last set I was begging for the HIIT portion and I hate HIIT. As you can tell by the pics I was a sweaty mess 😂😂

    Tomorrow is boxing and the halfway point for the last week of this DietBet. Excited for the start of MBF on Monday. Catch y'all tomorrow ✌????

    PS look I put real close on

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Carmen B.

It’s all relative these days!


I think the pulsing squats got me also. My legs are STILL sore. Every part of my upper legs/glutes are sore from leg day still! I am also planning MBF next :punch:


09/23/2020 6:10AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
  • More photos were requested. This is Mabel.

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Awwwww!! :heart_eyes:

sharon c.

Carmen B. has weighed in at 135.5 pounds, up 0.8 pounds
09/21/2020 12:05PM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!

now at 38% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 12,077 pounds! Average is 9.9 pounds.

Jessica D.

09/16/2020 4:32PM in Get Fit with the Freemans!
Those oikos triple zero yogurts have been a life saver when my sweet tooth hits! I also just received my first box of built bars and I am OBSESSED!

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Carmen B.

What are favorites? I love the coconut. The chocolate cherry had an artificial cherry flavor after taste to me, so that will be a long hard box to get through but the coconut are superb!

Jessica D.

I tried the chocolate peanut butter brownie. It’s not too sweet and doesn’t have that artificial taste at all

Katherine O.

09/15/2020 5:56PM in Get Fit with the Freemans!
Anyone struggling with the scale? Mine has hardly moved, if at all (haven't weighed again in the same clothes).
My diet has been BEYOND clean and never went over budget on calorie intake. Feeling defeated already.

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Carolyn R.

Sometimes when I find that my weight plateaus despite eating super clean and working out, I give myself a day to let loose. I eat whatever I want and however much I want. Maybe I workout, maybe I don’t. Then the next day I pay attention to my diet again and continue my workout plan and sometimes that one binge/cheat day is all it takes to jumpstart things

Katherine O.

You're all so supportive and helpful! Thanks for sharing with me and giving me tips and the mental boost!
Definitely need to pick up my water drinking game.

Tralena H.

09/14/2020 6:37AM in Get Fit with the Freemans!
  • Super excited, my order shipped out today! Cant wait to try these new goodies!! Thanks for the discount codes Breanna!😁

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Tralena H.

I love anything mint or with PB, especially the PB brownie:yum: This time I'm trying something different and super excited for them. I got the cookies'n cream (which I love in anything so why wouldn't I in these bars)and the carrot cake:blush:


Awesome. How did you get the build your box free?

Amy S.

09/12/2020 4:44AM in Get Fit with the Freemans!
Question please. I’ve done really really good sticking to the macros. Went over a few points on fat two days and haven’t gotten all my carb in a few days. But protein has been on and calories spot on or under. But I’ve gained 2 lbs. is this normal haha.

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Carmen B.


Joel + Breanne F.

Unless you’re eating more than you’re burning, Fluctuations are a normal part of the process.

Joel + Breanne F.

09/11/2020 10:31PM in Get Fit with the Freemans!

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Hi does anyone have any suggestions for people who get injured (foot) on low impact no jumps?

Michelle R.

The code is not working for me anymore. Was it only for a limited time?
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