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Elizabeth D.

12/04/2019 6:25PM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
Looking for recommendations for a new bathroom scale. Our current one is a Tanita and is probably 10+ years old. Still hanging in there but only weighs in .5lb increments. I see all the new features available now and am seriously considering upgrading. Thanks!!

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I got a FitTrack this summer and love it.

Erin K.

Love my RENPHO and the price is very reasonable!

Caroline B.

11/30/2019 5:44AM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving resulted in me gaining three pounds, and now I also have canker sores in my mouth which is typical for me when I eat and drink terribly. I now have to lose four pounds before final weigh in, so am feeling a little pessimistic.

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Breanne F.

It’ll fall right off

pamela t.

I was up 12 lbs after being sick. I dropped 6 over night, 3 more the next night. I find when it comes on quick, it also drops off quick.

Shannon W.

11/24/2019 4:52PM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
  • This diet bet isn’t as fun as the last one. I’m not into macros and intense workouts. I’m more focused on conscience eating and not overeating and making sure to live an active lifestyle with at least 30 minutes of cardio a day and some other stuff in between. Maybe I just feel discouraged because I’m close to my monthly time and I gained so much water weight on my day 26 😕

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Breanne F.

I agree with Amanda. Macros are a method of dialing your nutrition in, but if it’s not your thing, then you need to do what works for you.

Shilo C.

I am just doing weight watchers and still enjoying the challenge. Not losing money is such an extra motivator to stick with it!
Shilo C. accepted the challenge.
11/24/2019 7:18AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $6,000 In Prizes !
The pot in Round 1 is now $175

Cindy S.

11/22/2019 12:31PM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
  • Told my family I’d bring the cookie...I mean veggie tray for thanksgiving!!!!! 😂😂

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Breanne F.


Kristi R.



11/22/2019 10:19AM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
  • Rescued this boy on Tuesday and took him on his first run today. He loved it and got me running faster than normal. Hooray for new motivation. I swear he doesn't look this derpy all of the time :)

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Shilo C.

He looks so happy! Dogs are so wonderful.

Breanne F.

So handsome :heart_eyes_cat:
Shilo C. accepted the challenge.
11/10/2019 8:27PM in Get Lean for Thanksgiving with Breanne
The pot is now $39,270

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