Kayla G

Healthy, stronger, best mama to my 4 babies, confident

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Favorite Health Food: Fruit

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Approach to Weight Loss: Portion control and Exercise

My Weight Loss Program: Beachbody

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $35.71

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-1.7% Since last weigh-in-3.3 lbs
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+9.3% Lifetime Change+16.4 lbs

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Lacee G.

01/29/2023 10:06PM in 2023 FIT and FREE ME w/ Lacee Green!


1. TRACK ALL FOOD with MYFITNESSPAL (download app) or BODi (Beachbody on Demand Interactive App - this tracking will be one of our main healthy habits that we are trying to create (mindfulness)
2. Focus on how you want to feel at the end of our 4 week challenge and beyond ( more in comments below)

DAY 1: It is NOT how LONG you LIVE. ..it is HOW you LIVE that makes the difference. Don't get so STUCK on the path ...just stay focused on the GOAL. Do you know that EVERYthing you have done in your life has lead you to this point? No matter how matter how many times you have succeeded or failed forward, stuck with it or completely fallen off...today is a brand new day and YOU are THE BOSS of the next 4 weeks of your life and beyond. SOOOO how are you gonna LIVE IT!?!?!

Your exercise today is to DROP ONE WORD
(in the comments) below of how you want to feel at the end this 4-week challenge.


**Also there is supposed to be an image with each post, but for some reason they are not showing up. I am going to contact DIETBET and make sure they do.**

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Lacee G.

01/29/2023 12:29AM in 2023 FIT and FREE ME w/ Lacee Green!
  • Happy SUNDAY DIETBET FAM! Welcome to Our FIt and Free ME in 2023 WOOT WOOT! So excited to be on this DIETBET with YOU!

    My name is Lacee Green, I am MOM (to a 15 year old son #totalteenager) , Super Trainer for Beachbody/BOD with my very firty program "FOR BEGINNERS ONLY " starting MARCH 6th , gym owner and I love to help people find their healthy and happy RIGHT where they are in LIFE as they work towards who they are becoming!

    IF this is your 1st DIETBET welcome. IF you joined to try to DROP the 4% in 4 weeks ( that's GREAT) - make sure you follow the directions to submit your weigh-in
    IF you joined just for the support, accountability, love, light, fun and WOOT WOOT! That is great too! Don't even worry about getting on the SCALE.AND if you joined for BOTH! I LOVE THAT TOO!

    We are SUPER Active on our DIETBET page (WE WILL MEET VIA ZOOM SUNDAYs @10 Paciifc) and that has proved to help ALL of us be most successful! From sharing wins and none scale victories to winning prizes and just WOOT WOOTing one another a we take is one day at time. There is NO SHAME EVER if you Do not WIN and our goal is only to come out 4% HEALTHIER and HAPPIER than when we started and that is ALL measured by what that means to YOU.
    IN THE COMMENTS please share :
    YOUR NAME name, WHERE YOU are from, and WHY YOU Joined.

    Here are all the details: Let your focus be progress over perfection and always taking it one day at a time.

    (REMINDER: You can use any meal guide or workout plan that has worked for you. These are all options and tools to help you on your journey)
    Save the following links:
    Link to meeting times times and zoom links:

    Link to Meal Guide (scroll to bottom for new desert recipes added each week): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wJnyJ57g8zH7Esst_5E-WkskYe5vc2_Dkr-3Nn_g8Dg/edit?usp=sharing

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Lindsey H.

Hello all!! I’m Lindsey, and I’m from texas! I joined because I am really needing the extra push to get my weight off! I just finished my nursing journey with my 4th (and final) baby! I’ve been so focus on keeping my supply up, that I total neglected all the weight I was putting/keeping on!! Ready to get it back off, get my confidence back, and take my health back for me!! :hearts:


Hi! I'm Liz from Madison, WI. I've been steadily gaining weight for the last 10 years, and it just feels ick. Ready to be back to my best self.