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Elizabeth D.

07/12/2020 1:18AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Does anyone know when they’re planning to award the Apple Watch?

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Tracy U.

I think they did that already around the end of round 1?

Elizabeth D.

06/30/2020 10:26AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
How long did you guys have to wait to be verified? I’m working on four hours at this point and I’m ready to eat!

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8 hours so far for me... Driving me nuts


Finally accepted 9 hours total time, longest ive had yet.

Elizabeth D.

06/19/2020 7:36AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
So discouraged. Making better food choices, getting outside and moving with my kids, even breastfeeding my new baby and the number on the scale just will not go down. :(

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Tracy U.

Hang in there! You’re body’s been through a lot. With everything you’re doing I’m sure your getting healthier. It’s frustrating to not see it on the scale I know.

Anna B.

You’ve got this! I look at it like reading a 1000 page book, somewhere in the middle it doesn’t look like you’re making progress but eventually you’ll see it show up as the pages (and pounds) continue to flip. :blush:

Amanda H.

06/12/2020 6:04AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
  • So guys I finally decided to do some spring cleaning of my closet as it’s long overdue 1. Because spring is almost over and 2. The majority of the clothes in my closet don’t fit me anymore (too big yay!)...any way I found a random size 8 pair of pants that I was sure would not fit since I haven’t worn a size 8 since I had my daughter over 4 years ago and I’m still 20 pounds away from that weight but I decided to try them on any way...welp by some miracle they fit super tight fit (don’t mind my morning hair lol) and of course I still need to lose some pounds to wear them comfortably but I’m just so excited they even close up and everything and that I’m really soooo close to my old body again went from a size 18 to a almost size 8! Lol I swear it’s the little things! just need to go pant shopping lol

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Tamara M.

Keep it up, Amanda! It is the small victories, for sure... that lead to consistency and progress!

Amanda H.

Thanks Tamara it’s definitely gotten me that much more motivated!

Niki S.

06/07/2020 7:43AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
  • Brunch is my favourite meal!

    Salmon, avocado, spinach, egg whites cream cheese and hot sauce and raspberries

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Tracy U.

Nice and colorful and tasty I’m sure!!

Niki S.

Sure was!!

Tamara M.

05/31/2020 6:50PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
  • running is such a great way to get your stress out. When I started this dietbet last month, I committed to running one mile a day... if time allowed, well... now I’ve ran 130mi so far. Please, just start with one mile or even .5mi - your body will thank you! :)

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Tracy U.

Way to go—impressive!! :muscle:

Melanie M.

Amazing job!

Connor R.

05/30/2020 1:45PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
  • Made weight in! Treating yo self!

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Tracy U.

Love sushi! This looks so good!


05/29/2020 10:12AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
  • Very far away from this weigh in, but monday i am starting another 28 day transformation kit to get back on track for this dietbet. We've got this!!!

    P.s. i am also pretending I'm in a crisp, cool, sunrisey forest with a fun neon tank top going for a jog with thighs that wouldnt chafe haha

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@tracy u- my husband and i were at a park and a girl was wearing a similar outfit. I said wow those are cool shorts. Id like to be able to wear something like that one day. He said why couldnt you now? Um.... bleeding. Lots of thigh blood lmao

Anne W.


Sidney C.

04/12/2020 5:39PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Sweets were my best friend this week, and I'm scared to do my unofficial weigh-in tomorrow 😣😔

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Mine too :persevere::persevere::persevere: I gotta do better

Tracy U.

Have you tried Smart Sweets? I like them a lot. They are expensive but I think they’re worth it. Here’s a link if you’d like to check them out