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Mireille A. accepted the challenge.
04/25/2021 10:03AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
The pot is now $12,600

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Stefani R.

04/25/2021 8:57AM in Instant Loss Springtime Slim Down
I am 1.2 pounds short of my goal and expecting that pesky monthly visitor today.. it is going to be tough to pull this off by tomorrow! 😬😬

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Mel Q.

I has similar problems. I barely made it. Weigh first thing in the morning, right after you pee. And if you don't make it. Be proud of what you did! You did a great job!!

Stefani R.

I’ve been in bed sick all day with no appetite, and barely made it!!

Brittany W.

04/25/2021 8:42AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
  • Week 1 Water Intake Challenge
    Welcome to all our new and returning members! I am super excited to have you here with us! Throughout the game I will be hosting fun (free, you do not have to pay the $5 membership fee to participate) weekly challenges where you will have an opportunity to win some awesome prizes!

    This week 4/26- 5/2 I challenge you to track your water intake every day. I challenge you to drink a minimum of 80 ounces a day this week Mon.-Sun.! I have tracked my water intake throughout my journey by writing in my planner, but you can use a tracking app, notes in your phone, whatever method you feel will work best for you!

    Submit your tracking by the end of the day on 5/2 to a check-in thread that I will post the morning of 5/2 to the group. The winner will be announced on Mon. 5/3! This week’s winner will get a $25 Amazon gift card! Let’s do this!

    Comment and let me know how you plan to track your water intake!

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Jordan F.

Using MyFitnessPal

Jennifer M.

I’ve been writing it down. It used to be easier in my office but struggling a bit at home!

Sandy P.

04/17/2021 7:19AM in Instant Loss Springtime Slim Down
  • Yesterday I went for a hike with my daughter. The flowers were beautiful. I stopped to take pictures of her then she said "Mom let me take some pictures of you." So I let her. When I looked at the pictures I became sadden at my size and shape of my body. Then I changed my thought pattern. I told myself how grateful I was for the changes I was making now. I thought about how this journey will take time. I have a lot to learn. Lastly, I was hitting close to 10,000 steps and used that as a success for the day.

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Sandy P.

  • Mireille....thank you. I take lots of pictures. When we took this hike, I did take a picture with my daughter. This is Kayla. She is 12 years old. She has type 1 diabetes so exercising with her has been fun. I tell her she is doing it to help me get into shape. We walked 10,000 steps this day. Most of it together. Sending hugs your way.

Mireille A.

I love this! Im actually tearing up. Both so beautiful :heart::heart::heart::heart: best of luck to you and her :heart:

Shayla R

04/03/2021 10:28PM in Instant Loss Springtime Slim Down
You guys, I was craving dessert SO bad tonight. And for me, if I start... I won’t stop. So I drank a spindrift. And got into bed! VICTORY.

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Mackenzie K.

Good for you!

Mireille A.

If you look on youtube theres so many recipes for super low cal desserts that definitely keep you satisfied! I have a super sweet tooth especially at night so i will make a little microwake cake that takes like 5 minutes, tastes really good and is less than 200 cal!

Mireille A.

03/30/2021 5:35PM in Instant Loss Springtime Slim Down
Hey guys! What does it say for your next weigh in day?

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Rachelle B.

Optional weigh in tomorrow by midnight.


03/27/2021 4:48AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
First covid vaccine shot coming this morn, gonna try to get workout in now beforehand. Worried re reaction or throwing me off workout, eating, etc. Anyone who got their first shot recently have advice?

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Chrissy G.

1st dose of Pfizer my arm was more sore than other shots in the past (but nothing that changed my habits/routine). 2nd dose I didn't have any major symptoms, maybe a little loss of energy, but still went through my day like normal. Good luck!

Judy B Mi

Had both Pfizer. I even planned two days in my schedule for any effects after second. No set-backs w/ EITHER.

Emily H.

03/15/2021 8:18AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
2.2 lbs away from my goal for this month. YAYYY! I need to not have any cheat bites or meals. I had fried chicken last night and some pizza this week. So if anyone else is having a hard time with food, maybe my failures will make you feel better. Lol

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Mireille A.

Emily youre so pretty!!

Emily H.

Thanks for all the support you guys!

Kindra R.

03/10/2021 6:35PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
I will be having shoulder surgery (second surgery 😩) next Thursday and won’t be able to work out for two or more weeks. I’ve made so much progress, and I’m so afraid to lose it not being able to work out. My weakness is snacking - I’m literally always hungry lol. What are your best, easy to take to work, healthy snacks?

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Angela R.

I had back to back lumpectomies in August. I walked a lot. It was all
I felt I can do. My 1st workouts back were the pre & post natal. I believe there were no planks. Take it slow. I still can’t do what I could before, but that’s OK. After surgeries, I wasn’t really hungry. Try to use that to eat as clean as you can for as long as you can. Don’t keep sweets/triggers in the house. Let people know that & hopefully they won’t bring you “treats.” I like to take nut butter, portioned out, & celery, apples, or pear slices or plain yogurt & berries.

Kat O

I’m always hungry! (Side note that’s one of the first full sentences I learned in Italian - Ho sempre fame) Veg and hummus, apple slices and peanut/almond butter, trail mixes, yogurt. As others have mentioned prepping ahead of time makes all the difference, if healthy food is there, convenient and ready to eat it’s as easy as unhealthy prepared/processed stuff. There are so many resources out there for recipes and snack ideas. Also, do what you can as far as movement, walking or even some of the PPN barre with modifications for your upper body. They are gentle but effective. Good luck with the surgery!