I injured myself and put on 25 pounds. I’d like to get back to only carrying an extra 15 pounds :). This extra 40 is making my clothing too uncomfortable and my joints seem to agree.

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Favorite Health Food: Smoked salmon with crackers

Favorite Sinful Food: Cider

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running, but too heavy now

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat right, exercise and sleep more

My Weight Loss Program: South Beach Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, Garmin Connect

Fitness Devices: Garmin Vivofit

DietBet Winnings: $1,115.60

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07/24/2020 2:10PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Well, I think I proved the saying “what goes up must come down” wrong.

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:joy: hey there's still time! Think longterm success...


06/20/2020 1:10PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
This is hard! I’m not giving up though. This week I’ve learned how much I con/lie to myself. Lightest I’ve been all year!! I hope everyone is still making progress!

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05/23/2020 3:46PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
I’m pretty sure I’m going to come up a little short of my round two goal but I’m very excited that it forced me to start counting my calories. I’ve learned that my “little” snacks really add up and it’s why I’ve plateaued. My weight is going down again and I’m feeling good about making round three and all after!

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Susie R.

Proud for You! Thats Great :raised_hands:

Anne W.

Way to go!

Marla S.

05/20/2020 4:24AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
I found my weight to be going up and down. I realized on the days that I was closer to 1200 cal I will lose weight the next day.  however let’s just say I eat 1400 to 1500 and work out and stuff I find I don’t lose anything. In fact I can gain a pound even with working out twice a day. I am back to being just under round ones weight. 10 more days to make it count. We got this! Pay attention to your eating and working out and see what works for you.

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Yep, ditto. My conditioning is up and my weight is all over the place. I’m afraid what will work for me is even less calories. Going to keep trying!


05/13/2020 2:32PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
16 days until next weigh in?! I have some work to do.

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Sarah P.

You can DO it!!!

Gisela M.

05/06/2020 6:41AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
I decided to "celebrate" my winning on the first round and ended up not only binging like there was no tomorrow but also gaining most of what I had already lost... I feel awful yet I'm learning a lot about myself. I'm overcoming these binging bursts and while they are becoming farther away, feels like they'll never be really gone... I was wondering if someone feels or is going through the same. I'm grateful though, for even with this I've been able to lose weight and keep it down slowly and steady and healthy. I've lost over 50lbs already in the past four years :)

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Sidney C.

Binge eating is often a side effect of something deeper than what's notice at the surface. I'm an emotional eater and I have anxiety. I used eating as a way to cope with the anxiety I was feeling. I highly recommend checking-in with yourself to see what causes you to binge eat. It can help reduce the occurence of it.

Gisela M.

thank guys. I actually have some imbalance that my doctor and I are working to overcome. good to know that I'm not alone


05/03/2020 7:37AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
I’m trying to figure out this 80% full thing, any tips?

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THAT is a great tip! Thanks, I’m going to give it a try


I'm the same way, can't stop eating til I'm full or overfull... I do 16:8 IF, not too strict, but having a shorter eating window makes it okay for me to eat til full, and somehow seems to balance out my hunger hormones over time. If the 80% thing doesn't work for you, maybe give intermittent fasting a try!

Amanda H.

05/03/2020 6:18AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
  • Guess who’s no longer “obese” anymore!? Me! So excited I finally made the transition from “obese” to “overweight” and only have about another 27 pounds to lose to get to a “normal” weight. See below for my overall progress in a year, I’m so proud of myself and excited to keep this going!

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Niki S.

Congrats! May I ask, is the app you use fit track?

Amanda H.

Thanks everyone! Janelle and Niki, I use the Renpho app it connects via Bluetooth to my Renpho scale it measures all of these metrics and it’s affordable too just look it up on amazon I def recommend it!


04/30/2020 7:04PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
So how long do we get to celebrate for?

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04/24/2020 6:06AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
If I lose 3 pounds, gain it back then lose it again, does that count as losing 6 pounds? :)

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Sidney C.

Not really


Well I like your logic
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