Leanne B.

To finally feel comfortable in my own skin without having to hide under layers of clothes and to keep up with my toddler

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Apple and peanut butter

Favorite Sinful Food: Mexican Food

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking or at home workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: Aware of what I am eating, portion control, cut back on sugar - walking and at home workouts

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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03/04/2020 7:45AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
I went off the rails a bit, fam. I actually gained a few pounds! I'm also in the gym more so I some of it could be muscle... but I'm ready to get back on track. Weighed in and ready. How is everyone? :)

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Don’t let it get you down


I’m so ready!


02/28/2020 12:26PM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
I've been very absent.... and i havent lost any weight this month. I also binged. With that being said.... any one have discord???

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KiteMom I laughed at your comment. I’m 34 and have never heard of discord. Lol. Had to look it up!

To all those not making weight this round, don’t give up!! Keep working hard at being healthy. There are more rounds and the end goal ahead! You can do it!


Discord is like a chatting app for gamers. I just think it's easier to talk to others then everything getting lost in the updates here.

margie h.

02/12/2020 9:39AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
Does anyone else self sabotage? I was doing so great and then all of a sudden I’m stuffing my face with toast and jelly. Not just a few slices, but 4 slices total! Just the bread alone was 440 calories. Then butter, jelly. Of course I didn’t just stop there ... I had some other things completely off plan. I have an unhealthy relationship with food and I have no idea how to say no to that side of me.
Anyone else out there like that? Any suggestions? Maybe some books or meditations? Something scientific to help me stop self sabotage with food.

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margie h.

SarahK, thank you. I have ordered that book. It sounds phenomenal.

margie h.

Thank you all very much for sharing yo stories, experiences and advice. I’ll beat it somehow. I’ve done well the past few days since then!

Leanne B.

02/05/2020 8:37AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
Has anyone ever done the BodyBoss at home workout program? Just ordered a the ulitmate body guide for a 12 week fitness guide. Just curious if anyone else has tried it and if you liked it or not? Hoping I can stick to it and get some results!

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I actually purchased this a couple years ago, did the first warm up week workout and was so discouraged by how hard it was I just quit...I forgot about that until now. Thanks for the reminder I think I'm going to give it a real try this time!! The program really appears great and ready to fit into a busy schedule! Good luck!!

Leanne B.

It keep popped in on insta and facebook with what seems to be great results so figured it is worth a shot since I am serious this time to make my healthy lifestyle change. Good Luck to you as well!

Lady Di

02/02/2020 6:34AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
Well I did my weigh in. I only lost 3 lbs so won’t make this months goal but I can turn it around this month.

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Same here! Here goes month 2!

Keto Kitty

Three lbs is nothing to sneeze at. Pat yourself on the back anyway.

Leanne B.

01/30/2020 7:29AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
I am so sorry for a silly question but this is my first Dietbet... If I don't hit my round 1 goal, I can still be eligible for the other rounds correct? Had a medication switch this month that has caused a little weight gain - still under starting weight but just over goal weight :(

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Leanne B.

Great! thank you all for the comments! :)


A lot can be done by 2nd. Check the interwebs :four_leaf_clover:

Nicole D.

01/29/2020 5:24AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
Im zigzagging up and down by 5 lbs. Omg this needs to settle for weigh in

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Leanne B.

I am too! It's stressful! haha

Leanne B.

01/27/2020 7:31AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
Quick question: Since the final weigh in is this weekend, if I submit a progress weigh in for the members thing does that weigh in also count as my final for the round?

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Martha S

If you weigh in on Wednesday it's more than 48 hours from final weigh in so you won't even have the option of using it

Leanne B.

Thank you!


01/27/2020 12:12AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
Get ready for the final weigh-in for Round 1! Once the round ends on Jan 31 at midnight PST, you have until 11:59PM PST on Feb 2 to submit your final weight for the round. Remember that weighing in and winning each round guarantees your maximum payout at the end of the game. Even if you're not a winner, please submit your weight and photos.

Once the weigh-in period begins, you will get a new weigh-in word when you visit the game. Submit early to make sure your photos are accepted, and look for an email that confirms your photos are approved! (If you don't get one, check your spam folder.) You must have an approved weigh-in in order to be declared a winner for this round.

The round will finalize 24-36 hours after all weigh-ins have been submitted. Good luck!

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hope s.

Wow, January went by pretty quick

Julie K

My photos have never been approved, only received. Is that the same thing?


01/22/2020 6:37AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!

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Awesome!!! :grin::grin::grin:

Liz W

Still praying I win!!!
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