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10/16/2021 8:58AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • So…it’s been a minute. I haven’t posted in a LONG while. More significantly I have not weighed in, have not kept track of things, have pretty much fallen off of and out of any routine and momentum I was so proud to have started with 2021. We had some loss to contend with, some life and other changes…but still…

    I’ve had some wins, though, too: I ran a second 5k in August. I climbed/hiked ‘The Incline’ in September—a climb/hike of 2,000 feet of elevation in less than a mile. So, I was pressing forward in activity, and literally sprinting backward in other areas. I took my eye off water intake, off food planning…off accountability. The sofa became my favourite hangout.

    And so now I’m here, in the group that brought me so far from the start of the year. I’m posting this morning in both DB games I’m currently in (and losing, at the moment) to raise my hand and say the next mountain starts now for me. One step forward and up at a time. Don’t know if I can get to the top of the summit this time, but I sure am going to try. There’s time left, and I’m going to start weighing in, start watching my nutrition choices…guess I’m just going to START. You all are an inspiration to me, and the positivity I feel when I check in is a good reminder on why it’s important that I come back each week. Good luck to all these next few months—I’ll be seeing you!

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You’re not alone. I’m here too and doing the same! Don’t give up.

Tricia B.

And same for me. I was doing great then I don’t know what happened. But I’m over the failure and disappointment and back to focusing on my goals because onward and upward is the best way to go.

WayBetter Kristin

10/15/2021 2:00AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Share with us which end of the spectrum you fall on. Do you love to workout indoors or outdoors?

    Are you a rain-or-shine person, or do you prefer to keep all your variables constant with an indoor workout?

    Let us know below and share a photo of your favorite place for an outdoor or indoor workout!

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Amanda K.

I like both. I like waking outdoors rather than on a treadmill but I like weight training indoors.

Monika H.

I’m outdoors, rain or shine. My favourite activities are caring for my chickens, yard work, and geocaching.

Melissa O.

10/12/2021 5:55PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
Hello again everybody! I went silent for a bit while I epically spiraled for a month. Back to above my starting weight. Yay. I don’t think I have any realistic chance of meeting my ambitious goal for this game now, but I’m not giving up. And regardless of whether or not I can win (hope you all enjoy my money 😂) I am going to see this bet as a mechanism to keep moving forward. My new goal is to just not start 2022 saying I need to get my act together. I have plenty of time to get it together before then and I will. I went back and read the tons of posts I missed while I was spiraling and you guys are great inspiration. Back on track day 2!

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Love this post! You are not alone. I will create a separate post about my struggle, but please don’t give up! This post is so encouraging!

Ashleah-Ann R.

Right there with you girls, over my start weight. Very doable tho, if we hone in and focus

Ashley W.

09/17/2021 7:09AM in September Queen Bet with Warrior Jessica
I feel like my weight fluctuates soooo much. When I’m working 12 hour shifts my body gets so bloated - I feel like I’m almost gaining weight the past week :/ frustrating

WarriorJessica , Katerina P. and like this comment.


Don’t give up! Just keep going. If you can drink more water, get in some cardio and/or more sleep.


Definitely don’t give up. It happens especially towards end of the day and I know it can be. When you weigh in make sure first thing in the morning after you potty.


09/14/2021 12:52PM in September Queen Bet with Warrior Jessica
  • It’s been rough lately. Work been busy and I haven’t really felt myself lately. We tend to hit those rough patches. I am sorry I have been quiet even on IG. Life has felt like it’s been turned upside down. After the show it was rough what happened. I competed in a show a competition and you are not aware of my story. I was rushed off stage and I gave everything my all. I try so hard not to let it effect me but it did. I am trying my best to come out of that. I have something exciting and life changing coming up soon. I have something to work towards. I just have to get out of that funk. Slowly I am. I had a fun trip to Nash and I really needed it. I ate and enjoyed myself instantly I swelled up. It can be hard sharing on social media and getting stuff about my weight. I wasn’t on the phone much this weekend and spent some time to myself. Sometimes we need that. I felt like my cup was empty and I know I can’t refill others up on an empty cup. The struggle is real and I am slowly coming up out of it. Today I called in we had a storm come through more life a hurricane so I did get a workout in so I will post that on IG soon.

    It’s transformation Tuesday and having these side by side and just seeing myself today made me proud. I am not where I use to be and there no going back.

    We are halfway y’all so make sure to keep moving your body, tracking those calories and drinking water. I would say no more treat meals or snacks it is to close. Remember it’s never to late. Keep moving and if you are struggling you are not alone. We are in this together.

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Hey! I completely understand the not feeling yourself part. That is definitely me right now. I am not feeling myself and just need a break. I am not walking like I used to and have had no desire to cook/meal prep and it shows… I think it’s just the way things are right now.

We will snap out of it. Just have to keep moving forward and take the next right step/ make the next right decision.

Katerina P.

You're amazing! Don't sit in the funk! You did great, and the show organisers should be ashamed for rushing you off. Thank you for being an inspiration!

Andrea N.

09/09/2021 7:02PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
Wow, it’s been an awful two months. Death in the family, unexpected travel. I’m up 6 pounds from my starting weight. Not sure what to do, I’d need to lose 20 pounds by next weigh in to keep up. Think I screwed myself out of this whole thing

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Andrea N.

Thanks for the love, guys, it was much needed :heart: we got this!! Even if I don’t reach the goal, progress is progress!


Sorry for your loss… I’m struggling too, but we can do this…


09/09/2021 8:03AM in September Queen Bet with Warrior Jessica
  • So something that has helped me along the way is knowing my WHY. Ask yourself and
    Really think about what is my WHY? Once you know it then write it down or put it in front of you. Also sharing is another great way.

    I would love for you to share your why on the timeline for everyone to see.

    My why is several things. I wanted to be pain free, live a healthy and happy life. I know one day I want to have children.

    This helps you remember WHY especially when you are feeling not so motivated.

Tina P. , DatQueenCandace and like this photo.

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Carolyn S.

God Bless you, Candace. You are strong. You are motivated. You have great success so far, (80 pounds!!) so, I believe you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. I hope that Peace follows any stress. Good luck, dear.

Carolyn S.

P. S. I admire people like you. You are not only doing this for yourself, but for your daughters. You will teach them what motivation and commitment can accomplish.


08/31/2021 11:04AM in September Queen Bet with Warrior Jessica
  • Welcome to day two. ? hope you all are doing good and off to a strong start. I encourage you to use this group as a way to hold yourself accountable and also to use it for support. So let us know where are you from and let us know a little bit more about you on the timeline. You never know you can make some new BFFs I’m here and also share your Instagram handles.??

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Hi :). I live in SW Florida. I’m hoping to end the yo-yo. I lost 40 pounds but ate my way to gaining back 20. I love all the sharing and plan on using this DietBet as an accountability tool!


Hi Everyone! I live close to Houston, TX, USA and have been doing bets for about a year and a half now. I made significant progress in my first year and lost about 80lbs, but have a lot going on (recently filed for divorce) and am struggling with a plateau and small setback due to stress/ binge eating. I turn 40 in January and it is my goal to get back on track and lose another 40 lbs before my bday. I love working out and do boot camp as well as walk 3.5-7 miles most days. I’m hoping to start to use the bets again for accountability I’d stopped weighing-in and truly facing the scale for a short while, but ready to see progress again.

Tina P.

08/31/2021 10:18AM in September Queen Bet with Warrior Jessica
  • Lunch: 1up protein shake. Started last Thursday and already down 3 pounds. And I’m totally buying myself stickers to put on my calendar for every day I work out. Eating healthy is not my problem, not working out consistently is. So yay! 5 work outs done.

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I wish we could combine our efforts somehow… lol. I can kill the workouts no problem. Just can’t stop shoveling crap in my mouth.

Tina P.

Yes Candace! We can keep each other going. I gained back 20 that I lost after December so trying to get it off again and hopefully a little extra. One of these days we need to meet up.


08/31/2021 9:54AM in September Queen Bet with Warrior Jessica
  • I’m so disappointed. Yesterday at work I slipped and fell, dislocating my knee. I had to leave on a stretcher and go to the ER. No breaks, but I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to see about any possible ligament/cartilage damage. My knee is swollen and I have to stay off it which ruins my workout plans. But, I’m not gonna give up. I’m still gonna eat right and do whatever I can from a seated position. I hope everyone else is having better luck than me right now!

DatQueenCandace , heatherhoo77 and like this photo.

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How’s your knee? I hope you’re feeling better.


You’ve got this! Don’t give up!!!
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