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David G.

05/18/2020 5:50AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • In order to be a better runner, I am running a virtual charity run over 4 months. My tough goal is 290 miles in 4 months (72.5 miles per month). My stretch goal is 434 (108.5/month) I am rotating between Pace runs (focused on MPH consistency), distance runs (6-13 miles) and single mile speed runs.

    Today I did my first single mile speed run. 7:30!!!! My short term goal is to run a sub 7 minute single mile by the end of June. Living in denver, CO at altitude makes this more difficult, but also more rewarding!


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Bethany F.

Great pace! I miss the treadmills at my gym because I used those to do sprint work. I’ve been keeping my mileage up outdoors but not making a lot of progress with pace. My goal is to make it back to my last half marathon pace 2 years ago at 9:40/mile

David G.

a 9:40/mile half marathon pace???? I can hit 10:00/mile for as long as I want normally. I dont know if I can push to 9:40 yet. Best of Luck Bethany! Keep me updated!


05/17/2020 3:30PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
Super excited for this dietbet! But also really nervous.Decided to pay upfront so I couldn't give up and drop out of the game at any point so I have to reach my goals if I don't wanna be broke after this 😳

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Heather E.

I also paid up front so I couldn’t back out. And this puts me right at my goal weight. You got this!

Karina L.

I did the same! We in this!

David G.

05/17/2020 8:59AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
I am heavier (255) than I have been in a few years. That being said, I am in the best cardiovascular shape I have ever been. I am running at least 70 miles a month (avg 10:30/mile).

While I the lack of a gym for weight lifting hasn't helped my weight, the Quarantine isn't the reason I am heavier. I eat too much. As a former chef, I still cook every day, and my Significant other and I eat delicious food. Not to say we eat bad food (we do on occaision), just too much

I have always found temporary success on DietBet. Trying to make it stick this time. I am running a 4 month fundraiser race (May15th to Sept15th) between 290-434 miles. Being 20-30# lighter will reduce the wear and tear on my body, so I am doing this for fit ess and endurance

What brought you to this DietBet? What are your goals? What Apps/Trackers are you using? How can I help keep you motivated?

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Heather E.

I also eat mainly healthy food but just too much. I need to be more mindful of when I am full. It doesn’t help that now I work from home the cafeteria (aka kitchen) is always open.

David G.

I use Samsung Health to track steps, running, lifting. Need to start tracking food intake again. Thank you everyone for the comments. It's always uplifting to know we are all working towards common goals. Remember on this journey, one bad meal/day/week doesn't mean you have "Lost", it doesnt mean you have to stop or start over! Looking forward to "Losing" with all of you

Kimberly W.

05/16/2020 8:24PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
I failed miserably on my first a dietbet. But now this time around, I hope you have a little bit more motivation. I'm going to start the keto diet and we'll go from there

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Heather E.

I just failed army last Kickstarter but feel this Transformer will be more sustainable in the long run to get me to my goal weight. We can do this!

Jodie P.

I just failed too but, still lost weight and lots of peeps are gaining from stess and we have avoided that!

Heather E.

05/16/2020 7:19PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
I just finished a Kickstarter where I did not meet my goal. I signed up for this Transformer because I feel it will keep me consistent to meet my long term weight goal. Here we go!

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Pamela B.

I also didn’t make my goal in the Kickstarter I was in, but did lose some weight. This transformer will allow for some slower weight loss - an approach that seems to be working better for my body. We can do this!

Tia R.

Me too! We got this