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Rebecca C.

11/17/2020 7:29AM in Franny’s November Game
I'm only 1/2 way and there's only one week left!! Uuugghhh

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Anna J.

Yeah I’m at 36%. Just keep working hard!!

Kolina K.

Same here, we got this!

Anna J.

11/16/2020 5:35PM in Franny’s November Game
Anyone else have 5lbs left to lose 😅 Trying not to get discouraged..

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Jessica F.

3.8! Trying to make sure I stop eating by 6:00 and drinking allll the water!

Kellie P.

Me!! Time to up my water intake (I’ve been slacking the past couple day), buckle down on the exercise and tracking my food :) let’s go!!

Sejdina M.

11/04/2020 6:48AM in Franny’s November Game
Hey Everyone, I'm looking for help, for suggestions. Instead of losing i gained :( I'm starting to lose my motivation and thinking I got this :( I lost 40lb and started slacking, my husband lost his job, my kids are learning from home, im working from home there is no time for me, I know just excuses but I cant shake them off. Please send suggestions :) Thank you

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Get your kiddos out with you. Take them to a park and walk around it several times. I work from home teaching 6th grade math, im also a full time college student taking 5 online classes and one of my children is doing virtual learning as well. Im overwhelmed almost everyday but you HAVE to make the time for you.
Go to bed earlier and wake up before everyone, even if its 30m spend that time on you! Or wait until everyone is asleep and give yourself some time before bed!

Sejdina M.

thanks everyone :) :)

Anna J.

10/29/2020 6:38PM in Franny’s November Game
Hey everyone, I’m Anna. I’m 25 years old with 4 kids 6yrs and under 😳 I got to a point where I needed a hobby for myself and decided to join Frannys DietBet last month and won! I busted my ass on a exercise bike that didn’t even have a power cord 🙊 anything to get rid of the extra 50lbs I’ve been holding onto for the past 6 years. I lost 11.6lbs last month and hope to keep it going this month.

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Terrific job in your last bet :thumbsup:


10/26/2020 10:18AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Challenge winners for workouts 7&8 Figgy & Lynn!! Congrats ladies. Please send me a DM on IG

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Woo hoo! I am super excited thank you! Congrats to all the winners!

Julie A.



10/19/2020 11:59AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Happy Monday all!

    I was up bright & early today. Ran 4 miles at the gym and did some weights. Eggs & turkey sausage for breakfast and managed to bring my lunch also! Super successful Monday so far and I’m planning on getting some extra steps in tonight.

    Just picked the winners for challenge 5 & 6 Chandler & Jadrea please send me a DM on IG with your email so I can send your $75 Nike gift cards! Congrats ladies and soooooo proud of all of you who participated!

    Let’s start this final week strong and end it even stronger!

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Brandy E.

Congrats ladies!!!


Omg!! I won!! I didn’t even see this!!!

Brandee D.

10/19/2020 8:35AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Home stretch! I’ve come so far from being completely sedentary to hitting 10k steps a day. Today I started light jogging for the first time in months and IF with my CICO. So grateful a friend challenged me to this diet bet and introduced me to Franny, 6 days left, I can do this!

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Anna J.

You got this!

Mellisa S.

10/18/2020 4:49PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Low carb tortilla with ground turkey cheese pepper and onions.

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Anna J.

Looks so good!

catherine M.

10/18/2020 7:42AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Well it happened. “ONEDERLAND”!
    I started my journey 4 years ago at over 300lbs and to see that 1 this morning was pure joy. There are so many people who have encouraged and inspired me but these last 2 dietbets with Franny and all of you have really pushed me to hit this goal so thank you.

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Debbie K.

Yay congrats great job

Tara S.

You look amazing


10/17/2020 3:15PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • I don't post here a lot because I end up dumping it all on IG, but I really, REALLY got excited when I put my wedding set on today and hit one of my NSVs that I set at the beginning of this game.

    My rings fit great when we got married 3 years ago. I was obese then, but not like I am now. They were comfortable on my chubby fingers. I obviously gained weight and my fingers became chonky. I am always so embarrassed about how big my fingers and hands are, and I hate how my wedding set looks on my hand... especially because I love set so much. So I was really excited to put it on today and have it feel a little loose. Not super loose, definitely not going to fall off anytime soon, but I could feel it move on my finger a little, and it didn't leave an angry red indent on my finger either! Someday I'm gonna have lean, beautiful fingers, I swear it!

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Grace S.

Such a big win! Congrats :balloon:

Steph C.

So awesome! Mine has been stuck for 7 years so I can’t wait until I can get it off and have it shined up nicely. :muscle:
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