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WayBetter Kristin

01/08/2022 7:30AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • I'm blown away by all of you! It's incredible to have nearly 8,000 people all working together on their goals, and have almost $1.5 million to share as a reward! Not to mention, bonus prizes! How amazing is that!!

    Since we're talking about prizes, what is something on your wish list to help you reach your health and wellness goals? Also share if there is something that you are loving lately.

    Remember: Players can join and weigh-in until Day 14, so keep inviting your friends! For anyone who is new the 2022 Game Changer Transformer FAQs is great for any questions!

    Way to go everyone! You're off to a great start!

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Amber N.

Factor 25 would be great meals already made. I can take them every where


A cuisinart food processor

Tim H.

01/06/2022 8:50PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • I really missed pizza, until today. :) I found a recipe for an air fryer pizza what uses a low calorie tortilla. I never knew that tortillas for only 50 calories each existed!!! What a game changer. Pizza sauce, Turkey pepperoni, reduced fat mozzarella and some stir fry veggies and you have a personal pizza for 330 calories!!! :) I may have eaten two today ;)

mydbveryeasy , Jamie S. and like this photo.

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Cindy P.

That looks great!

Michelle W.

I never thought of using stir fry veggies! Thank you for the yummy idea

Holly G.

12/24/2021 11:08AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • 10weeks postpartum and I did it!!! So excited I stuck with it even during the holidays!! Going into the new year strong and a fantastic mindset! Merry Christmas everyone!🎄🎁

Heather TZ , mydbveryeasy and like this photo.

Caroline G.

Wowww!!! Happy for you!! :raised_hands:

Marie S.


Joan R.

12/18/2021 5:33PM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Upstste minestrone soup with Italian sausage. I doubled the veggies and broth. #veggiesmost

mydbveryeasy , Daysi C. and like this photo.

Holly G.

That looks phenomenal!!

Holly G.

12/17/2021 9:45PM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • It’s my birthday!!! I got a new workout outfit as a gift #Zyia I got my workout in, drank over a gallon of water and stayed on track!
    For bfast: 2 eggs, roasted carrots and an apple
    Lunch: a big sexy salad with a piece of fish.
    Dinner: I wanted pizza from mellow mushroom as my treat, but I filled up on a Greek salad 1st, then at a slice of Holy Shittake pizza!
    I’m so happy with my choices today! Only 1.7lbs togo to win this dietbet!! #9weeksPostpartum #38thBirthday

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Happy birthday!

Dawn H.

Congratulations!! Happy Birthday!! How does Zyia fit? Is it close to size? Run small? I’ve been thinking of buying but don’t want to get the wrong size


12/16/2021 6:25AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish

It's that time of the week when we announce the 12 recipients of the Shiatsu foot massager. You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Congratulations to the following DietBet Members: 


Amy M, Andrea K, ChapdaddyFrances E, Kayla L, Michelle KNatasha HPrincessVee, SatekuStephanie S, Susan L, and TJ A 


Next week’s prize: Wireless earbuds. Choose between AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro - both are great for working out. 20 players get this prize. Want a chance to win? Become a member today!



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Holly G.

Congratulations :tada:


12/16/2021 2:00AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Hi Everyone!

    You are almost there! I know there have been ups, and downs, good days bad days! Big wins, small wins, but the way you should look at this is- it's all growth- and when you grow your learn. I have learned so much from you, and hopefully you have learned so much about yourselves from this past bet. Use those insights to propel you forward toward an on going healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

    What going to be your biggest focus for the next 3 days and for the remainder of December?

Mary C. , Michelle B. and like this photo.

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Dawn S.

Focusing on my mindset and not getting discouraged.

Hilary Y.

Being mindful of my choices while enjoying social time with no guilt.

Holly G.

12/15/2021 10:07AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • If you haven’t tried ilanas recipe for carmalized roasted carrots, you’re missing out!! They are so good!!

mydbveryeasy , Amanda V. and like this photo.

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Jenna K.

I haven’t tried these yet..but daaaang those look gooood!

Valerie M.

12/15/2021 5:55AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Feeling good today as I am wearing a pair of pants that use to be tight on me. I couldn’t resist sharing this with you all. Proof that 2B mindset works.

mydbveryeasy , Otonye B. and like this photo.

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S B.


Emily H.

Way to go!!


12/14/2021 2:00AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
Set reasonable short and long term goals. The key to long term success and losing weight much more effectively is to actually have shorter term, achievable goals that are much easier to achieve. I lost 100 pounds not solely focusing on the hundred I wanted to lose, but by taking it 2 pounds at a time, knowing that if I just stuck to it, by simple logic I would get where I wanted. Set a goal of maybe 8 pounds down a month from now. 30 pounds by 4 months from now. Think about what occasion or event could mark that time as a milestone in order to celebrate your progress. Remind yourself of the goal somehow, with sticky notes, Google Cal, or posting here in Dietbet!

Tell me what your short term goals are right now! 💪?

Mary C. , Michelle B. and like this comment.

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First: win the DietBet. Second: enter the two-teens by New Years Day. (That is 2 pounds less than my DietBet goal weight.)

Mary C.

2 pounds at a time
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