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Manda R.

07/25/2020 2:35PM in Mega Kickstarter
  • Hello everyone- first time posting & newbie here- curious what fitness tracking apps and/or food tracking apps you guys use regularly? Feeling the need to start getting more engaged with something, but no clue where to begin... any feedback would be Much Appreciated!!

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Kate N.

I’ve used several things. For food I like the macros+ app. I’ve been doing a lot of beachbody on demand workouts during quarantine so I track exercise and water intake on that app. But before beachbody I would take a photo after every work out (often not my face but my feet or the scenery or whatever) and upload those to a photo/calendar app called Collect. It was super motivating to scroll through the weeks/months and see all the photos and watch it build. Plus too many blank colander days helped push me to keep exercising. For weight I like using happy scale. It shows all your weight trends on a chart which I find very motivating when I see my weight fluctuate up and down (like everyone’s weight does!) Best of luck finding the best tool. It’s a learning/growing curve for sure.

Julia D.

I use Apple Watch for tracking workouts from beachbody and peloton (I don’t have a bike but their outdoor walks and yoga was worth the $13 per month). For food I use a food journal with a pen haha. I found it easier because I make my own food and tracking all the ingredients was annoying online. I don’t count calories, just habits. I use Woman Code (book) for my food choices each week. Good luck!