carla b.

to be healthier , to fit in my clothes, to not delete memories (pictures I don’t like because I don’t think I look good) , upcoming vacation

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Favorite Health Food: broccoli

Favorite Sinful Food: French fries

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: one day at a time

DietBet Winnings: $520.15

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04/12/2021 5:11PM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
Good evening everyone and happy to see the results so far on our weigh in day with over 8,300lbs lost so far! Despite a number the most important thing is - WE'RE HEALTHY. I try my best to be a good host & help everyone - but you guys have no idea how much you help me personally! Thank you for being the best community and for making it another great month everyone! I look forward to continuing 2021 strong with you & to see your transformations!

A few things:
- You have until Tuesday May 13th @ 11:59PST to submit your final weight. If you have any problems finding the weigh in word or with your final weigh in please email and they can help you!
- If you accidentally submit your weigh in and need to resubmit they can also reset that for you or if you log into a desktop computer on dietbet you can delete the weigh in and start over!
- WIN OR LOSE - WE ARE ALL WINNERS HERE. Please never get discouraged or forget that.The fact that you made the initiative to be here and get healthy means you are ready to change your life! At the end of the day every single healthy decision you make adds up - AND THAT MAKES YOU A WINNER. You are not a number on the scale and just know that we're all proud of you!
- Don't give up! Our next dietbet starts 04/19 and you will be able to roll over your winnings to continue with us so its time to slim down for this spring! Whether you join with us or you keep going on your own please never give up on your health and know you are worth it!
- Share your progress! I'd love to share your progress with the rest of the everyone and congratulate you on your success! Email me your progress stories/photos to

Thank you all for another great 4 weeks! Weve lost thousand of pounds already this year and cant wait to continue! So thankful for each and every one of you for being here. I will be posting the giveaway winners by tomorrow evening!

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Tina N.

Thank you for all your help! Can't wait to do the next one:)

Rebecca K.

Ill be joining again. Thanks for being a great host :)

Melissa K.

04/14/2021 11:15AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
First Diet bet! Need motivation badly!!

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carla b.

You are going to LOVE it!

Maegan M.

04/13/2021 6:52AM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
I have been on diet bet for over a year now. I would join games, start off good but never follow through. I did this for many games just throwing my money away and going in the wrong direction on the scale. I’m so happy to say I weighed in a pound less than my goal today! This is the first game I have won since I joined April 2020. It feels so good and I’m looking forward to crushing the next one too! 😊

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carla b.

Congratulations, keep going !!

Allison A.

Happy for you! Congratulations! :tada:

carla b.

04/13/2021 5:55AM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
I made it right on the mark. It was tough to get here but so with it.

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Same here!

Diane M

04/12/2021 2:36PM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
  • .1 lb is going to kill me, lol. I’m at 13K steps for today hoping tomorrow morning I can weigh in! At least I had a great view of the Arkansas River while getting those steps!

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Diane M

Yes! And by .3 lbs too!

Allison A.

That’s awesome congratulations! Beautiful view!

Meagan B.

04/12/2021 11:23AM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
  • I broke my wrist and had to have surgery ONE WEEK into this bet! I was so determined to not let that stand in my way and I’m so glad it didn’t! Congrats to everyone busting their butt, win or not!!

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carla b.

That is impressive ! I broke my arm last month and lost the bet. You’re amazing for your perseverance

Barbara M.

04/12/2021 4:24AM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
Is it possible to lose 3 lbs in a day?

Allison A. , Emilie T. and like this comment.

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carla b.

Maybe if you fast ?

Michelle Y.

I lost 4lbs since yesterday so yes:laughing:


04/11/2021 4:03PM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
  • Last giveaway for our game and my favorite appliance is a airfryer! To enter to win leave below your favorite food to recreate and make healthy below by Monday at 5pm eastern! All winners chosen at the end of our game - good luck!

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Verna G.

Omgarsh! I want one ... I’ve been eyeballing them all year

Stacey B.

Sweet potato and zucchini ‘fries’, cauliflower pizza.

Johanna L.

04/11/2021 7:16AM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
  • I’m totally not winning this game, but here’s a transformation photo of my hard work! Great job everyone and see you at the next DietBet. 😊

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You’ve done awesome

Jessica H.

You are looking great so you should feel proud anyway, see you at the next one :blush:

Stephanie T.

04/11/2021 6:30AM in Fatgirlfedup's Marching into Spring Dietbet
Still up a pound....
Was hoping to hit goal today to feel confident about weigh in

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Becky G.

Me too.

carla b.

I have 1.4 left , we got this !!
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