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Samantha B.

06/29/2021 6:38PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a $500 Home Garden!
Hows everyone doing? 19 days left until Round 3 weigh in! Time is flying!

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Kelsey T.

Trying to make it to round 2’s goal still. Been on that struggle bus

Samantha B.

Still trying to make it to Round 3 goal. Im not too far, but gotta make sure I crack down the next 14 days! Im happy with how things are going though.

Samantha B.

06/15/2021 4:19PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a $500 Home Garden!
Ugh, I'm still a good 2lbs from goal weight. I've done soo good so far with meeting my weight goals! Feeling super bummed right now. I'm drinking my water, exercising daily and sticking to my good eating....blah. I'm going to bed early tonight to see if my body needs some rest. How's everyone else doing with their goal weight?

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I'm 2 pounds away and a long run only gives me one. But the challenge has been a real help, regardless. I have a challenge because I'm going to a birthday party tomorrow at a Thai restaurant and I always gain weight on restaurant Aisian food and it will be obvious if I only order tea. But if not this week, I will get to my round 2 goal next week which in the scheme of life I'd still a win. Thanks for your posts and challenge. I am rooting for you this week and right on through October.

Samantha B.

@stillrunning OH goodness, Thai is my WEAKNESS, right next to cheesecake! Maybe try ordering just chicken and veggies? I know their sauces are high in cal, but chicken/steak and veggies should be a better option. You are such an inspiration with your running! I hope one day to be a runner! Im crossing my fingers for this rounds weigh in! Its been much harder to lose this time, but Im keeping jy head up. And, like you said....if it comes off by Sunday, great, if'll come off soon! Thanks for the positivity!


06/09/2021 9:09AM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a $500 Home Garden!
I don’t understand all the focus on water intake I’ve been reading in the comments. I guess it makes some sense to fill ones belly a bit, but the volumes mentioned here seem extreme. Are there any medical studies supporting water intake and the volume for weight loss? Personally I drink a lot of coffee and it seems to quell my appetite.

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Mama Bear

It doesn't work for appetite! Really you should judge by the color of your pee and find the right amount to balance against your salt intake and whether you drink lots of caffeinated or sugary drinks. Also the climate you live in, if it's dry you need to drink more. If your pee has no color at all then you are drinking too much. And if you are doing extreme workouts you have to replenish electrolytes too not just plain water.

Lisa J.

About 2-1/2 months ago I started drinking 1 gallon of water a day. I LOVE the results!! I’ve lost weight faster, I don’t feel hungry, and I just feel better in general!