Julia D.

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Julia D.

04/02/2021 7:41PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Why is the weight in word not the same. I took the picture yesterday but didn’t get around to submitting until today. Still a valid weigh in. But because the STUPID WORD changed I lose this round? It’s the end of the damn day. I don’t weigh what I did in my morning weigh in. SOOOO frustrated!!!!!!

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Lauren Y.

Regardless of the rules, I totally understand your frustration! To work hard for an entire month and feel like you've just made it only to have life get in the way and delay your submitting it by a day must be beyond frustrating! But remember that you did make your goal regardless of the official results, you're in this for yourself and your health, and that you've set yourself up great to win the next round and the competition. So hang in there and keep up the great work!

Julia D.

Thank you. I am so goal oriented I feel like I was cheated. Thanks Lauren for the reminder of the real goal is to get back on track and be in a healthier body.

Stacy you are right I know I made it and lessons learned.

Patricia H.

03/01/2021 8:26PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Made the first weigh in!!! Super motivated for the next round!!

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Julia D.

I think you’re not part of the pot for the first round. You’re not disqualified you just won’t get as big of a payout.

Annsley D.

02/15/2021 6:10AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Realizing I need to be a bit more active in here to help keep me accountable. So I’m curious, what sort of eating plans (if any) and workouts are you guys doing to get through this 6 month challenge?

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Cattleya D.

So much variety in what everyone is doing! That’s part of the reason I liked the idea of this DietBet! I didn’t want to follow any particular diet. I completed about 6 Whole30s in 2019 and found that I could not control myself for the reintroduction. Deprivation was awful for me!!! I lost and gained the same weight each time, but I did learn lots of great new recipes. So now I just go for healthy eating most of the time, treats when I really want them, but aiming to make better choices as often as possible. I have a big hill near the house so 4-5 times a week I walk it, about 6 miles, and I joined a StepBet. And a core challenge on WayBetter! Haha I’m using them all. Good luck to us!!!! We can do it!

Lauren F.

I'm doing weight watchers and my peloton. Hoping to start running outside again but it's been too snowy/icy. The bikes a lifesaver