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Favorite Health Food: salmon, broccoli, apples, avocado

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Allison C.

09/28/2022 12:10PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
Day 2 of my cycle and I made it through yesterday and breakfast today without any untracked bites or going off of my meal plan. The weigh in being around the corner definitely has me lazer focused. Got up and did my walk this am, dont know if i will make it to my gym tonight but thats ok! The mornings in AZ are beautiful right now and I am ithcing to resume my daily morning hikes with my good ol boy Jax. Fall is here, and im ready to THRIVE. Summers for me are rough... but fall and winter? Thats when I am at my best.

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I have to agree! Summer heat drains me of all energy!


09/27/2022 3:09PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
Didn’t consider when I bought tickets for Oktoberfest on the 1st that I would be weighing in on the 3rd. I really hope between now and then I can maintain or lose a little more to hopefully offset any potential gain from enjoying the foods and libations Saturday. My goal is 296.8 and I’m currently 297. I’m so close. I’m prepared to not win like I had originally thought I would :/ it sucks and I’m trying not to be so hard on myself because I know it’s a choice I’m making to enjoy my life while on this journey but the competitive perfectionist Leo in me is struggling with that! Just looking for a little support and advice.

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You can still weigh in on the 4th and give yourself one extra day! ;) Stay consistent from now until the weekend. Water water water! Especially since some Oktoberfest type foods are salty (bratwurst, salted pretzels, etc.) Definitely try to hit your goal that day and the next, it will help! Maybe try to split snacks with friends so you can sample everything without overindulging. But, most of all make sure you have FUN!


09/26/2022 6:47PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • Hi friends! Happy Monday!

    So this weekend I derailed on Saturday a little bit, lol. Started out with my boss bringing bagel breakfast sandwiches to work, I split one with a friend, okay, not bad. Came home and flew out the door, my husband and I were going apple picking and the orchard is an hour from us, so we needed to make sure we had enough time to hang there before they closed. Long story short, fast food on the way lol. Had a nice time at the orchard, bought a dozen cider donuts (should have only got a half dozen, were trying to get rid of them now!) ate one of those. Later we went to Bonefish Grill where I got a nice piece of fish and veggies and naturally had to have the seasonal pumpkin lava cake. Damn I hate that I love all the fall flavors hahaha. Definitely not the best day for food but had so much fun! Decided not to check the scale today and be too hard on myself. Forgiving and moving on.

    Had a shake for breakfast, grilled chicken salad for lunch, and this homemade Greek style chicken burger with spinach and feta on top, with a salad. Went to kickboxing class to get my workout in. Gallon of water down. Within the calorie goal. Solid day! See, getting back to it right away. One week left and I'm trying my best to make sure I make that goal!

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09/25/2022 1:39PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • Sometimes, I like to go for easy to make meals like this frozen gnocchi from Trader Joe's. This time I have only added some ground turkey but you can do whatever you want with it.
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Mira Z.

I like their sweet potato gnocchi a lot


I have been all about frozen easy meals and sprucing it up with something fresh. I have to try this one, it looks good!

Amy M.

09/24/2022 5:21PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • I’m obsessed with one pan meals… spicy Italian sausage, corn, riced cauliflower and quinoa. 450cals and a giant bowl!

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I also love a one pan meal! Anything with less cleanup and I'm in lol. Yours looks great!


09/22/2022 10:09AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • Guys I feel like I'm all over the map this week. My food choices have been good. My quantity of food choices have been not great lol. I bought some trail mix from target this weekend which is a nice little snack to satisfy salty and sweet but I have been attacking the bag each day. I had to bring this trail mix cup to work so I don't go overboard. Why am I like this hahaha.

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Allison C.

That trail mix looks so good

Amber C.

We’re all just doing what we can!! I think that’s a super smart way to manage it!! We have Halloween candy at the house, but I put the bowl in the microwave so I don’t see it every time I walk by! I let myself have one piece some days, tracked and within my counts. We do what we gotta do!!

Allison C.

09/22/2022 6:23AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • I could fjcking cry.
    I’ve been in a really good headspace recently. Macros on point. Walking every day. Strength training 4x a week instead of all or nothing. My husband left our scale out which is a big no no in this house, but I felt good so I got on. I’ve never won a DietBet that I have hosted, and we have 10 days left. Now the real test… not “rewarding” myself with an influx of maintenance days. My cycle is starting soon, and may even coincide with weigh in day. I’m glad I got on the scale today to get a more accurate measurement. I’m taking this win.

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Amy M.

Congrats Allison!!! This DietBet has been awesome! Can’t wait to join next month!


09/19/2022 11:17AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • Happy Monday Everyone! Hope we are all ready for a great week! I did all my cleaning last week during the week, so yesterday I had lots of much needed relax time.

    I'm halfway through my day and my water, just had lunch which I prepped yesterday. Grilled chicken breast, seasoned green beans, and the protein mashed potatos! I will admit that mashed potatos aren't my favorite way to eat potatos but these are really good! it's also my first time making mashed potstos ever, lol so they are a little lumpy because I don't even own a mashing tool (or whatever you call it) I made 4 prep boxes and each chicken breast has a different seasoning so it's a little different and a surprise each day!

Jennk8854 , Kaitlyn and like this photo.


Some people prefer lumpy mash but if you have any hand mixer or stand mixer, you can use those.


09/18/2022 6:26AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • Meal prepping for the week and I gotta say, I am super excited to eat this one.
    Grilled chicken with brown gravy, jasmine rice and roasted peppers. Yum

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Allison C.

Looks delicious!


I would be excited if this was my lunch too! :)


09/17/2022 11:11PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • It's so late that the tracker says yesterday but I'm not sleeping yet lol. Had a 3 mile easy hike with some friends this morning! Indulged a bit afterwards on sushi and ice cream. Back to it tomorrow :)

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