Gretchen H.

I reached my goal weight last February but gained back 22 lbs. I had some personal setbacks & got off track. it’s time to press play & stick to my nutrition & exercise goals again!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: salad

Favorite Sinful Food: cake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: cardio!

My Approach to Weight Loss: low carb food & high energy workouts

DietBet Winnings: $79.66

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-4.4% Since last weigh-in-8.1 lbs
-4.4% 1-Month Change-8.1 lbs
+1.5% Lifetime Change+2.5 lbs

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Priscilla Fajardo

10/09/2020 4:40PM in Priscilla's DietBet

Happy friday all how was your week so far we are already 1 week and 3 more weeks to go :)

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Karen R.

We can do this!!!

Gretchen H.

Not gonna quit!
Gretchen H. has weighed in at 182.6 pounds, up 6.9 pounds
10/27/2020 12:05PM in Priscilla's DietBet

now at 0% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 194 pounds! Average is 1.9 pounds.

catherine M.

10/18/2020 7:42AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Well it happened. “ONEDERLAND”!
    I started my journey 4 years ago at over 300lbs and to see that 1 this morning was pure joy. There are so many people who have encouraged and inspired me but these last 2 dietbets with Franny and all of you have really pushed me to hit this goal so thank you.

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Debbie K.

Yay congrats great job

Tara S.

You look amazing

Gretchen H.

10/18/2020 4:26AM in Priscilla's DietBet
I’m on the struggle bus for real! We had a surprise get-away to the Keys last week. My friends from upstate rented a 3 BR house & the other people cancelled last minute. We live in the Miami area.... sooo... Just a couple of days... I kept active & tried to keep the calories down but drinks got me.
Oh those Jimmy Buffet drinking songs... Now I need to do double workouts & maybe an egg fast for 3-4 days to get in a caloric deficit again... I’m not gonna miss my shot!... to win my DietBet!

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Jennifer G.

Hope you had a great time though:smiley:

Gretchen H.

We had such a great time!!!

Jennifer G.

10/17/2020 4:17AM in Priscilla's DietBet
  • My everyday breakfast!! So filling and yummy! HAPPY SATURDAY
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Gretchen H.

Haha! I’m from Miami (via Boston as a child) I should have known that..I spelled it wrong & it came up as Portuguese for a looks delicious! I eat oatmeal in winter... We are not there yet down here 90 F still on sunny days

Jennifer G.

Oh how I miss the warm weather already


10/16/2020 8:57PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Saturday - incline cardio ideally treadmill work but you pick your poison
    Sunday - interval cardio, you pick what type of cardio. Treadmill, bike, stairs or out door running/walking. Max speed for 1 minute then you use the next minute to slow down and catch your breath then back to max speed. If you need to lessen the interval times that’s fine also.

    All fitness levels should be able to complete at least some part of this 2 day challenge. If you can’t do 60 minutes of cardio it’s OK. Do what you can. Post below in the comments once you’ve completed and yes to be entered into the giveaway I’m looking for those that do both days. Two $75 Nike gift cards will be given away on Monday 🎉

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Katherine Boyd

Got Saturday and Sunday done while on vacation :muscle:


Challenge closed ——

Debbie K.

10/16/2020 11:37AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Happy Friday I got in a great 4.5 mile walk this morning to start off my 60th birthday

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Steph C.

Happy Birthday! :muscle:

Julia L.

Happy birthday!!


10/15/2020 5:26PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Hello fellow DietBetters! I’ve been MIA because I got married 10/10/2020❤
    I have to share something with you all! So, I have excess skin on my lower belly that I plan to eventually remove, but for now I do what I can to hide it. My dress was made with a corset, so it could be tightened to hold me in where I need it most. Well, I tried my dress on about 2 weeks before the wedding and I still had room for tightening, so I was good. However, the day of the wedding I found I had lost too much weight... yes, I said TOO MUCH, but only because I couldn’t tighten anymore where my lower belly needs it most. Needless to say, I counted it as a win and felt amazing in my dress anyway! Now, I need the motivation to get back on track! I posted a couple of pictures in the comments as well.

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Gretchen H.

You are so stunning...What "tummy"? I adore your dress & your hair!

Julia L.

How wonderful! Congratulations

Allison H.

10/14/2020 4:22PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • My haul from Fitonomy’s Columbus Day sale! Can’t wait to see the effects of collagen on my hair! Also, this is the best pre-workout I’ve tried. I just killed a 50 min Hip-Hop abs workout and burned over 1,000 calories! Feels good after a set back over the weekend.

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Allison H.

Ooohh your hair looks amazing! I’m so excited, I’ll definitely do a before and after :grin:

Gretchen H.

I love live love collagen! My hair was falling out & dull... now my brush stays clean & it’s all growing back thick & shiny.. only issue, my gel manicures can’t stretch 4 weeks anymore... they grow too fast!


10/14/2020 9:44AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • NSV!!! Pls ignore the tags I was too excited to take them off 😂 but these jeans are size 10’s!! I don’t think I have ever fit into a size 10 in my life 😂

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Awesome job!

Gretchen H.

So happy for you & they look great on you!
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