Nana L.

I would like a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost 129 pounds and keep gaining and losing my last ten.

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Favorite Health Food: shrimp tacos

Favorite Sinful Food: cheese fries

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running

My Approach to Weight Loss: caloric deficit

DietBet Winnings: $473.07

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Nana L.

01/19/2021 1:57PM in 70lbsOfLife New Year, New Mindset, New Plan
  • Hey Everyone!!

    I haven’t spoken much in this chat but wanted to do a post based upon my observations. I am starting to see people get frustrated, throw in the towel, and get super discouraged. I want to tell you NOT to give up! Small personal story about myself, I lost 130 pounds in a bout a year and two months. I have had my good days where I would jump for joy, and awful days where I wanted to throw the scale. I had weeks of when I lost a lot of pounds and weeks where I did everything right and still gained. Regardless of what you’re seeing, whether it is 9 pounds, 3 pounds, 1 pound, or even a tenth of a pound lost, a huge shout out to you. We all joined this bet because we saw something within ourselves we wanted to change. You should be proud of yourself no matter what the outcome. You took a step in the right direction, that within itself is a win. In my eyes, we are all winners. I’ve had every frustrating moment in the book with regards to weight loss and I still eventually reached my goal. Whenever you are doubting yourself or feel guilt about something you may of ate or done, just remember that this too shall pass.

    The number on the scale does not measure your value 🌸

    Stay safe everyone!!

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Pakou L.

I needed this!!! :heart:


LOVE THIS!!! :purple_heart: Thank you for sharing!

Nana L.

01/19/2021 1:30PM in Ho Ho Heavy! Beat Holiday Weight Gain!
Finishing up my homemade two day juice cleanse and “ lost”a whopping 6 pounds of water weight on the first day. Excited to see about tomorrow. I did not do it for weight loss, I have a skin disease that started to act up because of some bad food I ate, this always helps it! Skin is clearing up quite nicely. The loss of so much water weight was a plus! During the weigh in, I’ll be on my cycle and I tend to “gain” anyways during that time so this will give me a bit more leverage.

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Lisa M.

What type of juice did you drink ? Did you juice of yourself ?
Nana L. has weighed in at 178 pounds, down 5 pounds
01/19/2021 6:05AM in Operation "Get Healthy and Wealthy"

now at 100% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 166 pounds! Average is 3.1 pounds.

Jenny V

01/18/2021 5:54PM in 70lbsOfLife New Year, New Mindset, New Plan
Hey, what happened to our host? Is she ok? It’s been 10 days since she has posted anything....did something happen? Hope all is ok

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Lindsey S.

I was wondering the same thing... this was advertised as tons of advice, giveaways and workout help... but shes only posted on Instagram a few times... barley none on here and no new youtube videos in a month. It has been just so disappointing :(

Jenny V

I actually contacted DietBet about it, thinking maybe they'd give us a refund, or a free entry into another game. Nope, just gave me some suggestions as who they hear from other players are good hosts so that I would have a better experience in my next game. Maybe if more people reached out to them they will do something. If we didn't have each other, there would have been absolutely no support in this game.

Melody L.

01/14/2021 5:10AM in 70lbsOfLife New Year, New Mindset, New Plan
I’m blaming my period for my sudden weight gain. I weighed in yesterday at 170.8 and then this morning I weighed 172.2 😭😭😭
My period is about to start, so I’m hoping that’s it. I’ve been drinking my water and tracking EVERYTHING and exercising like I should, so it has to be the bloating right? Someone encourage me, I feel real discouraged right now 😞

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Melody L.

I have to go by the scale, unfortunately. I’m trying to join the army and they don’t care about how healthy I look or how able I am, I gotta be a certain number. Also unfortunate that they have to tape my hips since I’m pear shaped :disappointed:

Daniela R.

You got this :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


01/13/2021 10:11AM in Operation "Get Healthy and Wealthy"
up and down. up and down. story of my life lol.
i am at 42% though.
How is everyone doing?

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Jacque A.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to make it. On Monday I was at 61%

Jina G.

I've been struggling to break a certain number this whole dietbet but we can do it!

Beans N.

01/11/2021 8:40PM in Ho Ho Heavy! Beat Holiday Weight Gain!
Supppper quiet in here!!!! How is everyone doing this far!??? We are HALFFFF WAY!!!!! I’m doing so so- focused on my eating - making goooood choices! Going to try and throw some walks in- my wrist is giving me issues so walking for now it is-

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Beans N.

Guysssss I’m 2.8 away- this is huge for me Bc I lost my umpffff at the beginning of September and gained 10 lbs back of 15! Sooooo I am determined! Your kinds pos vibes are helping me remember my whys and that I have done this journey before !!!!! Thankkkkks keep the pos messages and accountability Coming!

Nana L.

Got to my goal! Glad you’re doing well!
Nana L. has weighed in at 183 pounds, down 4 pounds
01/09/2021 6:05PM in Operation "Get Healthy and Wealthy"

now at 82% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 114 pounds! Average is 2.2 pounds.


01/06/2021 10:34PM in Operation "Get Healthy and Wealthy"
Anybody else eat ALL of their feelings today? Oof.

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Nana L.

Not today but last weekend. Ate an entire bag of Doritos

Hollie M.

Yup. Plus it’s shark week.


01/05/2021 7:13PM in Ho Ho Heavy! Beat Holiday Weight Gain!
Low calorie snack ideas! Post yours below!

-plain popcorn
-sugar free jellO
-red bell pepper chopped up (it’s sweet!)
-eat chicken instead of beef! (Lower cals)
-drink fat free milk instead of 2% or whole
-oatmeal with stevia and cinnamon
-apple or Orange (filling and low cal)

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Habibah W.

Don’t know how many calories it is but I love sweet potato and cottage cheese!!

Lavinia Y.

Fat free Greek yogurt, honey, and fruit. If I need more veggies, I add chopped up celery, and pecan pieces if I don't so I can still have the crunch with some good healthy fat
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