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12/11/2020 8:02PM in Lose the Thanksgiving Weight!
Sorry for the late response everyone- I’m a firefighter and had some overtime shifts!

It’s the weekend! Don’t let a couple of days destroy your week of progress! Do you guys find that weekends are harder? Or has Covid kept you home and on a better diet?

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I am currently staying home but the weekends are still tough. Idk why, it’s like a mental game, I give in to more junk food because it’s the weekend. :smirk:


Everyday is a struggle :tired_face: but yes I can get out of hand in the weekends for sure!


12/11/2020 5:30AM in Lose the Thanksgiving Weight!
I’m tired all of the time. What do you do for energy?
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Alyssa D.

I drink celsius I love it!


12/07/2020 8:12PM in Lose the Thanksgiving Weight!
What’s your game plan? Count calories? Keto?

Personally I’m a fan of weight training, a little cardio (high intensity) and calorie counting

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Counting calories.
I’ve done weight watchers before and low carb...they both worked but the trick is sticking with it! :smirk:


Weight watchers and hiit workouts at least 3 times a week. Consistency is everything though!

Latoya R.

12/06/2020 4:12AM in Lose the Thanksgiving Weight!

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We got this!

Latoya R.

12/04/2020 3:34AM in Lose the Thanksgiving Weight!
  • Morning Motivation

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So true but so hard to do! Mind over matter!


Truth! 100!


11/30/2020 8:00AM in Lose the Thanksgiving Weight!
Welcome to the DietBet game! I’m Michael and I’m your host. Let’s start with some introductions! I’m 29, live in Phoenix AZ and work as a firefighter/paramedic. I’m married with a 2 year old daughter and we just had our second daughter 8 months ago! I love fitness and nutrition. I was a personal trainer for years and I studied nutrition in college and it’s something I’m very passionate about.

I wrote an E-Book “The Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss” and it’s available for all my dietbet players for FREE! (Usually $20). Go to www. and use the code “dietbet” at checkout to get your copy for free. This is an easy to read step by step guide to help you understand how weight loss works and how you can design your own program customized for yourself. This is the same process/outline that I use for my clients. I wrote it to help people figure it out without having to hire and pay and trainer or diet coach. I hope it helps!

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Matt S.

That's so crazy. I visit Bama often. My parents have a farm there and they both grew up there! Small world!

Patricia C.

Thanks so much!


11/23/2020 4:10AM in Healthy Halloween!
  • .1 from my goal for a loss 😞
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So close! Dont negate your progress


Even though I did not win on diet bet, I won in my eyes for me!


11/16/2020 11:27AM in Healthy Halloween!
About a week left ! How is everyone doing ? Close ?

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I've been stuck at about 2lbs. I'm determined though!!!

Jaime S.

About 2 pounds to go! Definitely possible :)

Carey P.

11/14/2020 9:01AM in Healthy Halloween!
  • I am very close to winning, in the last two years every challenge on wt loss I have not won, see 2020 will be a great yr, oh what changed you ask, I work for Amazon, s
    I build pallets from 545 to 415 am, I'm trying to watch what I get, but some shifts I am so hungry yesterday in 10 hrs I walked 23k steps, on yes my feet and legs hurt

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You can do it! Keep it up!


Awesome job!!

Marisa T.

11/06/2020 5:53AM in Healthy Halloween!
I’ve managed to maintain my weight over Halloween! Lol down 3.2lbs so far.

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Well done :thumbsup: :muscle:


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