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Shannon O

05/19/2022 12:33PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
What are we thinking the end payout will be on this game ? The pot was so big ! This was one of the biggest pots If not the biggest I have seen since playing ! 🎉🎉🎉

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Mary K.

What Hailee and Marie said: even though the pot is huge, the percentages have been matching other transformer games (I’m also a bit of a data nerd so I’ve tracked the percentages in all my games) so I think Hailee’s estimate for the round 6 winnings is spot on, then add your other round winnings to that. Surprisingly the biggest payout I’ve seen for a Transformer was one that had round 1 and 2 weigh-ins at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, the host never posted after the first post (which stayed pinned the entire 6 months) and so community participation was way down. It was kinda sad and I much prefer supportive games like this one! No matter what, if we meet the round 5 six percent and meet the final round 6 goal, we’ll get our initial stake back, and that’s good enough for me!!!! Good luck everybody!!!

Brandon Y.

Well if everyone quits or loses except for me its $800,000.

Hailee W.

05/18/2022 5:23PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • Size 6!!! I have never been a size 6! Grabbed them as "goal pants", never thought they would button!

    It hasn't been fast, fun, or easy but the weight has come off. I'm working on having a positive body image and not being so focused on a number but this was fun!

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Anta Anna Z.

That is an amazing NSV Hailee! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I am soo happy for you and you look great!

Kristen H.

Maybe goals! :raised_hands:

Hailee W.

03/31/2022 1:45PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Guys!!!! I hit my driver's license weight! I don't think I have ever actually been that weight

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Chi O.

This post is so relatable lol!

Brittany C.

This is hilarious.. I had no idea people did this. :joy:

Hailee W.

03/03/2022 1:31PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
So looking at the numbers, 2000 people less than last time one? Does the number of people in the total count drop as people leave? 5000 people not meeting the goal seems like a lot........

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Mary K.

Out of 6 Transformers played in the last three years, rounds 2-5 typically have fewer winners with a bump in the number of winners at the end of the game.


I missed the 2nd goal by .2 but now I’m under by 2 pounds. Missed the 2nd goal but you better believe im in it for the next 4 rounds.

Brittany C.

03/03/2022 12:04PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Is everyone’s weigh in still “finalizing”? I met my weight goal and I thought it finalized right after the weight in closed?

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Yes, if your weight was approved you’re good. They’re just doing the math on the winnings before posting!

Hailee W.

Just posted!


03/01/2022 4:29AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • Glad I've worn the same outfit. I can definitely see my progress! On to month 3!

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Great work! So proud of you!

Erin G.

You look so much more toned! Congrats!! Keep at it!!

Hailee W.

02/03/2022 7:56AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Anyone know why February's pot is so much less than the other months? I get it being lower than January but not March....

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Joana M.

The numbers for march and beyond are the initial ones. But some people give up along the way and others the payment doesn't go smoothly. They'll correct it and the other months will be exactly like February in no time.

Lani T.

If you look more closely the past and current rounds are called "pot", so what has actually been paid and collected. While all future rounds it's called "pledged", so what they predict it will be based in initial enrollments. Since those who opted to pay monthly can drop out at any time, we can't be certain of the actual amount if each round's pot until all payments have been processed. The amount of the pot reach month will shrink as people drop out.


02/03/2022 7:52AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
I'm needing some sort of meal plan. What do you all follow? I'm pretty good about breakfast and lunch and then I get snacky in the afternoon and I don't always have a dinner plan. I probably should be eating more veggies, I'm just not sure what to do with them. lol I love raw veggies, which I know I need cooked ones too.

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Krysten T.

I follow Portion Fix and Pinterest has tons of meal plans for that.


I'm following The Metabolism Plan (a book by Lyn-Genet Recitas). It gives you a menu for every day, and it's very veg heavy. So far, i have only good things to say about it. I'm learning a lot about what my body likes and doesn't like, and I'm losing a ton of weight. I'm 11 days in, and I've lost 9 pounds. And i haven't been hungry at all.

WayBetter Kristin

02/03/2022 2:00AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • You made it through the first round! Congratulations everyone!

    Whether you made your goal this time or not - and you're still in it to win it even if you were shy of your goal this round!  - just know that you should be so proud of any progress and, most importantly, making this commitment to your long-term health!

    Most of us are rooting for each other as well, and I know that this January round is going to have a lot of winners! That being said, we may not have much for winnings this month - remember that only half of your bet goes into the pot for the round and half is in our final pot for this game. We're in it for the long investment - money and health!

    Speaking of winner, let's have a little fun! What is the best thing you have won? This game, a race, a contest, a trip, a spelling bee, etc...

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Chelsey N.

Best think I ever won was on the radio an all expenses paid trip to Vegas for 2 :)

Amy K.

I just won the 21 day challenge at a local nutrition shop! I got $150 and a bunch of Herbalife products.

R O.

02/01/2022 10:46PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!

I saw a post asking for a review of Noon and I can’t find where I saw it

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Emily A.

Same as Hailee. I’m doing it right now and having paid for it is keeping me accountable to using it. The psychological tips and stuff are good refreshers for things I already know. I’m finding it also helpful for me personally to use the stoplight method for categorizing food. I think some of the food in the database gets placed incorrectly but overall it gives me a better idea of my daily intake and where I can make improvements. I’d rather focus on eating more “green light” foods than start tracking carbs and sugars and etc

R O.

Yes I found that the meal plan and exercise plan were equivalent to something you can find online for free. But I will have to see how it goes with the coaching
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