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Marijke L.

09/05/2022 5:31AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
Omg, I can't believe I share this with you... I am almost at my weight... a number 2 on the toilet would get me there. So no weigh in for me yet!

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dalia w.

Yep that'll do it ;)

S V.

Luv! Lol


09/04/2022 7:20PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
Tomorrow is the start of weigh-ins AND my birthday! 🎂🎉🎈🎁. As long as I don’t have a bunch of water retention from traveling to move my son into college today, I should have made my goal. I’m proud of my healthy choices during a 12-hour travel day. Tomorrow afternoon my daughter is going to help me make our favorite sugar cookie recipe and hubby, daughter and I are going to see “Where the Crawdads Sing” at the theater.

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Marijke L.

Happy birthday. I hope you made your goal! And enjoy the movie, I went last week and I loved it!


Happy birthday!

Marijke L.

08/15/2022 3:13PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • Mmmm. This delicious pasta with mushrooms.

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Marijke L.

08/08/2022 2:55AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
My previous dietbet (also my first) I won and I was so happy with the weight I lost. And then... holidays!
So here I am back to lose the weight I lost before again!!!

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John C.

08/07/2022 11:55PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • Greetings! I'm John, age 53, from Virginia. Married with 3 kids, ages 23, 15, and 13. I've lost over 500 lbs. over the past 20 years, as in lost 120 lbs. one year, gained it back. A few years later, lose 60 lbs. and gain it back. Lose 100 lbs, gain it back, etc, etc. BUT now I'm at an age I must lose it and keep it off forever, or likely pay drastic heath consequences. So, I'm ready to do it...yah-hoo!

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Marijke L.

Wow. That's good! I have a hard time losing a few kilos and you managed to lose over 60lbs in a year! You can do it!!!


I feel ya on that one. That 60 lbs. I lost 2 years ago...well...if found me. Time to go again. Good luck all y'all.