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03/01/2020 5:18PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I'm pretty excited about how I'm feeling. I tried a game a couple of years ago, and I didn't even make it to the end of Round 1. This time I'm ready for our first weigh in. I've had a rough 6 years. Gained 50+ pounds and quit working out after my daughter's suicide. I'm finally getting my life back. I've stopped feeling guilty for feeling good and taking care of myself.

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Lori A.

Debra... you are so strong! You are truly an inspiration! :heart:


We are here for you Debra!

Heather D.

02/16/2020 11:14AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Happy Sunday! Today I did Barre : Classic Full Body Blend P4 W7 - that was intense and I'm not going to lie I fell a couple of times but that didn't stop me from getting it done!! I'm feeling that one in my hips and obliques!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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William O.


William O.

02/12/2020 3:10PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Well, at least on board with all of you I had a terrible time :"loading" my initial pictures. Fortunately, the support team got me through it. I am quite OLD---probably the oldest in this group---but with all of us assisting each other--- we achieve our goals!

Don't ever forget---- Each day is gift.....


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You may be the wisest! It is never too late to Learn something new. Good luck with the game!
William O. has weighed in at 232.5 pounds
02/12/2020 6:05PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!

Total weight lost is now 1,702 pounds! Average is 1.5 pounds.

Jvona J.

02/12/2020 10:45AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
This diet bet started at a bad time. Have been stress eating since. My son got married ...I stress ate... now it’s over & I am struggling to get back on track. 😩

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Eva P.

If you’re struggling to get back on track, commit to just doing one small easy thing every day, like walking a certain number of steps, tracking your meals, or going for a short walk in the mornings. Don’t pressure yourself to do more. More often than not, getting that little thing done can be just the thing you need to motivate you to do more.

Also, look for other ways to manage your stress. I’ve tried meditation a bunch of times in the past and I could never do it, so I gave up. But recently, my psych reminded me that meditation is like any other skill. If you decided to learn to play the piano today, would you expect to be as good as Mozart after your first lesson? Probably not. You know you’d have to practice to get better. Meditation works the same way. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sit cross legged, chant “ohm”, or do it for long stretches of time. Just stopping a minute to focus on taking a couple of deep breaths is meditation and can go a long way in relieving stress.

Jvona J.

Thankyou all so much for the support! I’m am doing better. Not as great as I’d like but I’m getting there :raised_hands:
William O. accepted the challenge.
02/08/2020 11:23AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
The pot in Round 1 is now $18,112.50

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Daniely T. has weighed in at 274.7 pounds, up 1.1 pounds
01/19/2020 12:05PM in Joyful January Transformer - Gift Card Giveaways!

now at 14% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 689 pounds! Average is 1 pound.

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William O.

lets keep adding to this total----as Mary Poppins sang: UP, UP , UP......
William O. accepted the challenge.
01/17/2020 7:08PM in Joyful January Transformer - Gift Card Giveaways!
The pot in Round 1 is now $10,587.50

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