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Because I feel better when I'm within a healthy BMI

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Favorite Health Food: Romaine and Stevia

Favorite Sinful Food: I don't eat what's not good for me

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Jogging

My Approach to Weight Loss: Trim Healthy Mama Food Freedom!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $1,285.89

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Michelle Y.

06/01/2020 1:10PM in Quarantine And Flex
Been waiting an hour and a half. What are your times looking like for verification? I know as soon as I eat it's going to say I wasn't verified 😑

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Nicole P.

I just got my email verification!

Nikki P.

My last diet bet took 3 days to get verified- but there was way more people in it. I just submitted my weight :heart:

Michelle Y.

06/01/2020 11:44AM in Quarantine And Flex
Made it. By the skin of my teeth and the sweat of my brow😂

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Nicole P.

Same! Wore the lightest clothes I could.

chloe c.

05/30/2020 7:45PM in Hot Summer Challenge
I’m more determined than ever for this dietbet. I’m tired of being unhappy with myself. I’m realizing healthy foods make me feel better, inside and out.

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Kelsey K.

Me too girl!!

Michelle Y.

I feel so much better when I eat better! As I get older it gets even more so!

Kenzie L.

05/21/2020 11:32AM in Quarantine And Flex
The working out for me is easy. I work out six or seven days a week like it's nothing, BUT LORD JESUS EATING CLEAN IS HARD 😭 Pray for me y'all because I want all the salty carbs & seltzer beers 😂

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Heather H.

Hahahaha, I'm in the exact same boat!!!!! :beers:

Michelle Y.

I'm totally opposite. Completely clean eating but cannot schedule in regular exercise to save my life!


05/13/2020 9:04AM in At-A-Distance Fitness: We Are Legend(ary)!
ok I got to say it's been 5 hours since I submitted my final weigh in with no verification. It is driving me nuts. I think this is the longest I have ever had to wait.

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Okay I'll stop constantly refreshing my screen


yes, they must have had several games that ended at the same time

Caitlin G.

05/13/2020 6:29AM in At-A-Distance Fitness: We Are Legend(ary)!
I did it! With a sports bra and spandex shorts but I did it! Now I’m terrified to eat drink or breathe until it’s approved. Lol!

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Michelle Y.

Haha I feel you! "This shirt is too heavy.. where's a tank top?":laughing:

Caitlin G.

Haha it’s official! Now I can eat lunch. I totally was drinking every glass of water like- (0.5 lbs)

Michelle Y.

05/13/2020 5:57AM in At-A-Distance Fitness: We Are Legend(ary)!
Made it!

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Sara Eveatt

Congrats! I was just verified too!


Congratulations I’m .2 away I figure I’ll drink lots of water and eat a smaller dinner

Michelle Y.

05/11/2020 6:10AM in The Rona Can’t Stop Us

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Michelle Y. accepted the challenge.
05/05/2020 10:07AM in Quarantine And Flex
The pot is now $1,475

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Michelle Y. has weighed in at 174.8 pounds, down 0.8 pounds
05/04/2020 6:05PM in At-A-Distance Fitness: We Are Legend(ary)!

now at 100% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 554 pounds! Average is 2.6 pounds.

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