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Brittany W.

07/28/2021 8:51AM in Instant Loss Jump In July
  • How is everyone doing with this weeks Water Challenge? Hydration is vital for your health wherever you are at on your journey. 💙

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Carol R.

I'm doing great. It's easy to drink a lot of water during the work week. I keep a large water bottle at my desk and refill several times (and make several trips to the bathroom too, lol). It's when I'm busy on the weekends that I struggle a little.

Janet O.

No problem in the water challenge this has always been a strong area for me. I easily drink 100-120oz daily

Brittany W.

07/25/2021 6:26PM in Instant Loss Jump In July
  • Week 2 Water Challenge

    This week 7/26-8/1 I challenge you to track your water intake every day. I challenge you to drink a minimum of 80 ounces a day this week Mon.-Sun.!

    Submit your tracking on 8/1 to a thread I will post to the group on 8/1. This week you will be playing to win a signed copy of my second cookbook Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight!

    How do you plan to track your water?

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Carol R.

That's a good idea Rachel P.! I lose track of how many times I refill my bottle.


I have a 40oz cup I refill, makes it so easy to track!

Lin L.

07/28/2021 6:31AM in Instant Loss Jump In July
I have a fractured tooth

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Oh no! So sorry to hear that!

Brittany W.


Christina S.

07/27/2021 4:19AM in Instant Loss Jump In July
  • Made these healthy cookies last night because I’ve been craving sweets and trying to stay on track!!!

    Made these w/ almond flour, Swerve for sweetness, Lily’s chocolate chips, butter, coconut oil, & walnuts! So good! Happy to share recipe if anyone is interested 😊🍪

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Christina S.

Here’s the link to the recipe I used. I tweaked it a bit, I actually didn’t use any coconut oil in mine, so less fat!


Carol R.


Jasminka K.

07/23/2021 10:12PM in Instant Loss Jump In July
  • 😋

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Brittany W.


Jasminka K.

This is my morning protein smoothie which I have after the gym workout.
Spinach 2 handfuls, 1/3 of avocado, chia seeds, flex seeds, raspberries, protein powder and water.

Mary S.

07/23/2021 7:35PM in Instant Loss Jump In July
  • Got a super sweaty workout in today!

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Meli D.

That's the smile of a champion!

Carol R.

Way to get it done, Mary!! Nice!

Sweet Chaos

07/21/2021 2:15PM in Instant Loss Jump In July
  • Making healthier choices and not eating out! Lots of water!!!

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Brittany W.


Carol R.

Looks Delicious!

Carol R.

07/21/2021 8:20AM in Instant Loss Jump In July
Day 3 of tracking all of my food. This is such an essential tool for my weight loss. Feels good to be back at it!

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Brittany W.

Nicely done!

Georgie J.

I need to track my food! I track water, movement, steps and sleep….. why am I so resistant to do the food part?

Celina M.

07/21/2021 8:16AM in Instant Loss Jump In July
  • Pushed myself to do a early morning session :D
    Did a little of everything, 3 sets x 15 reps

    Abs: v pull in, sit up & crunch.
    Legs: leg press, abductor & adductor machine
    Arms: bicep curl, lat pull down machine & some other machine lol.

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Carol R.



07/21/2021 5:59AM in Instant Loss Jump In July
  • Workout done ✔
    Day 9/80 Day Obsession
    Week 2 Day 2: Booty

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Carol R.

Way to go!!

Krista B.

What type of exercise setting do you do on your fitbit? I've tried different ones and it never seems accurate.
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