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08/20/2021 2:08AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
I'm losing weight, but not fast enough!
Hopefully, this next weigh-out I will "catch up".
Anyway, I'm "playing the long game" hopefully get to my goal weight, within a year, and then MAINTAIN it for life :)

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Becky W.

Right there with ya! Losing but not making the rounds. Progress is progress though!!

Gini H.

That’s a good plan

Gini H.

08/17/2021 8:55AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
  • Made the weigh in this time FINALLY!! I didn’t realize we had to do progress weigh-ins for each round and I was trying to stay away from the scale lately to see more results at one time. I should have read the rules better. I did get my goal this time around. Got a new Peloton, which I have been wanting for some time, to help me stay on my physical fitness goals. Made some cauliflower rice and chicken for lunch today. Hope everyone is doing great.

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Kristine S.

The great thing is, you don’t need to make any of the weigh-ins to win the big pot at the end! I also think the monthly weigh ins are meant to discourage people. Glad to hear you made it though!! :muscle:

Sally L.

08/13/2021 7:47AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
  • Didn’t get much of a walk yesterday. There was a huge puddle on the bike dog liked it though.

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Amber C.

Oh my god your dog is so cute:heart_eyes:

Gini H.

Looks like your dog is having a blast anyways lol

Andrea H.

08/09/2021 6:42PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
Ugh, I have fallen off the wagon big time! I missed my last weigh in and have a lot weight to lose to hit the next one in a week. I need to get my butt back in gear!

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Gini H.

You got this! Everyone falls off sometimes. It’s about picking yourself back up and getting back on track that shows true strength.

Kristine S.

The other thing is the monthly weigh-ins ask for you to lose more weight than if you just lost the same amount each month and got the big pot at the end! Keep your eye on the prize, you got this!

Catherine S.

07/20/2021 11:18AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
  • Had a pretty miserable weekend.
    Family emergency, with a missing family member.
    Thankfully we found him, and he is now in the hospital for mental health care.

    So that, along with catching my toddlers cold, has made my stomach upset, and no appetite.
    Because of this, I did make my weigh in. Although low appetite is not the way I like to lose weight.

    Hoping to bust out of this cold, anxiety, and sadness so that I can keep going with weight loss.

    Also, non scale victory, is that instead of wanting to just eat sh!t food to help with my anxiety and sadness, the first thing that came to my mind this morning is that I really want to go on a hike.
    So I see that as major improvement!

    Pic of new roof rack on car so we can utilize our new kayaks for a fun family outing/exercise!

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Lisa T.

Hang in there and thanks for sharing your ups and downs. It's always a little bit better when you share your story I think. Awesome roof rack and hope the hike was blissful.

Gini H.

I love hiking. Hope you crush it on the trails today.