I want to finally have the lean physique I’ve been trying to achieve for years.

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Favorite Health Food: Give me vegetables.

Favorite Sinful Food: Anything for my sweet tooth.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Aything!

My Approach to Weight Loss: Finding as many ways as possible to stay active and severely cleaning up my diet.

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06/18/2020 4:55PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
I’m going to once again step on the scale tomorrow and see what it says. The number as of yet still hasn’t changed. However, I’m not upset if I don’t make round 1. I’ve been eating good and the gym finally opened up, I haven’t missed a day yet. I’m not sure if my aggressive zeal to hit the weights again is playing a factor in my weight, but I’m confident by the next weigh in anything otherwise will work itself out. How can I possibly be upset with myself for not making a round when I feel so dang good right now? Round 2, you will not allude me however!

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Jose B

Could be from the zeal. Aggressively training after a short layoff can cause water retention due to recovery.

Cathi D.

Love your positive attitude! You've got this! Weight training is the best for actually changing body shape and not just weight. Congrats on your gym opening. I live in a townhome with a clubhouse gym and we still can't go. :worried:


06/18/2020 2:30PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • Tonight’s celebratory dinner: poached salmon with dill sauce

    Who else likes to be this extra and plate their meals?

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Wow! Everything looks delicious @Rachel!


Meeeee, I love Instagram and food photos are a frequent on there

Shelby B.

06/18/2020 11:53AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
Great work everyone on round 1!!! Even if you didn't make it, don't give up! Just keep going and you will get there.

I was thankful I made my round 1 goal and over half way of round 2, but more thankful you all are here doing this with me! Losing weight, changing habits, and staying consistent is hard....but I believe we all can do it! 😄

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As do I! Congrats!


06/17/2020 9:42AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
Well, I didn’t make my goal for the first round. I weighed 138 on Monday and I really don’t think I’ve gained 2 lbs since then. I’ve been going to the gym and tracking my calories like a hawk. But you know? I’m not discouraged. Bloating on weigh-in day sucks, but I’ll exceed next rounds goal so it doesn’t happen again.

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Oh! It made it look like I had to submit it today


You have until the 19th to weigh in. Maybe tomorrow or Friday will be better.

David G.

06/16/2020 7:53AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
Even with a leg injury slowing my down last week, I was able to drop a few more pounds. Smart eating, water and rest have been great! Down 13# in the last month. Feeling good, ready to push in month 2

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Wow! 13lbs that’s amazing progress! Keep it up!


Congratulations! I hope the leg injury is getting better.

Stefanie B.

06/15/2020 3:37AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
2 days to go and 1.2 lbs to go. Getting nervous... been stuck at same weight for a few days. I'll double check my food measurements, drink more water and get in a couple workouts. Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone!

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In the same spot as you. Wondering if I’ve done enough to make it tomorrow! I guess we’ll both see


06/13/2020 10:42AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
I haven’t weighed myself for the past two weeks. Last time I checked I only had 2 lbs to lose in order to reach my round one goal. Here’s to hoping when I step on the scale to submit my final weigh in for this round that I’ve achieved it! I wish everyone the best of luck in also finishing the first round where they need, or want, to be.

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cam p.

06/13/2020 9:16AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
One week left to lose one pound! I will say being so close to my first round goal keeps me more on track than just dieting without these check ins!

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That’s awesome! I’m happy for you and have faith you’ll lose that pesky pound!


06/13/2020 8:26AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • Really easy breakfast today of kimchi and eggs. This is my first time trying kimchi and I must say I’m a fan. Have you ever tried kimchi?

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That looks like it should be in a magazine!

Gail H.

I just had some kimchi last night. I have loved it since I was a kid

Tia R.

06/12/2020 3:10PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
Hit the first month's goal this morning... in my underwear. Now to lose a bit more so I can actually be clothed for the weigh in! 😂

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You’ve got this!!


Might as well provide the referees with a fun surprise! :joy: Actually I’m in the same situation. We got this!
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