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Rachel L.

01/03/2022 12:33PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
So I’m pretty obese. I’ve been so for several years and overweight for even more. I miss the days of thinking I was heavy when I would give anything to be back to that size. I’ve suffered a lot the past 5 years and I’m done missing out on so much living. My friend recently passed away very suddenly and it hit me pretty hard. She has a young daughter. I have 3 young kids. I don’t want to miss out when I know if she were here she’d be living to her fullest. This is an incredibly tough journey because I have 3 hernias and they are pretty painful if I exert too much. But every step I take in the right direction is towards all the amazing things left to do in this life.

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Brittany C.

Any movement that you actually enjoy is perfect, it doesn’t have to be an extremely difficult workout for it to count. Be conscious about what you’re putting into your body and drink plenty of water - half your weight in ounces if you can. You can do it!


You can lose with diet even if you don’t kill yourself in the gym! Anything can be exercise, housework, a walk with the kids, up and down stairs with laundry, dance party in the kitchen—I’m doing another transformer right now (3mo in) and I’ve stayed on-track even with multiple bad days (weeks :grimacing:) and have lost 17lbs so far with that with no “work outs”. I love working out, I pay for Beachbody even, but I just haven’t been motivated for that part lately. Sometimes too much at once can fizzle out focus, too, so I’m just going with the flow and what feels good.