Jennifer L.

Oof. Quarantine snacks got me

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Brownies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running

My Approach to Weight Loss: low carb

DietBet Winnings: $529.98

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
-1.3% Since last weigh-in
-2.7% 1-Month Change
-19.3% Lifetime Change

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Referee Nancy M.

11/20/2020 9:29AM in The Spooky Season Kickstarter - Healthy Snack Giveaways!
  • Happy Friday!

    We are so close, just a few more days! Stay on track, don't give in, keep going, and claim that victory!

    Final weigh-ins are due Monday-Tuesday so keep that in mind as you enjoy a fun and healthy weekend.  It's also not a bad time to join your next game, to stay focused throughout the holiday season!  We have a lot of great choices coming up, including my next one that starts on 11/30.  It has a $500 pot bonus (the pot starts at $500 before the game begins!) and the theme will be Healthy Through the Holidays! 

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Jennifer L.

I ate like garbage for my birthday a few days back and I’m being super disciplined to get rid of that water weight. It sucks though because I just want some peppermint cocoa lol

Referee Nancy M.

Oh this time of year screams for peppermint cocoa doesn't it?! It can be an occasional treat! Now's the time for water, water, water and low salt! ;)
Jennifer L. has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 1.5 pounds
10/27/2020 6:05AM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!

Total weight lost is now 7,088 pounds! Average is 10.6 pounds.

Referee Nancy M.

10/24/2020 12:00PM in The Spooky Season Kickstarter - Healthy Snack Giveaways!
  • Hello! Welcome, everyone! I'm excited for our Spooky Season Kickstarter, 12 players will win healthy snacks at the end of the game!  Yay!

    I'm Nancy and will be your host for this game. I've lost about 70 lbs with the motivation of Dietbet, StepBet, and RunBet. I've now added the WayBetter app to help keep me focused on my long-term success (I'm loving it and highly recommend checking it out!).

    I live in Southern California and am a home health nurse, as well as a WayBetter Referee. I love anything to do with the water and love kayaking, paddle boarding, and trying to get my walking in at the beach as often as possible.

    Please let us know who you are, where you're from and where you are on your weight-loss journey!

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Kristy B

Hi all! I’m from New Jersey. I’ve struggled with my weight over the past few years. It just keeps going up :joy: I have PCOS and sometimes feel like losing weight is an impossible task because of it. I’m about 6 weeks into my weight loss journey, although I have no concept of time anymore (thanks Covid). I started because I don’t like how I feel. The weight gain has made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I also want to live a healthier lifestyle and be the best possible version of myself on the inside and out. So here I am. Good luck everyone!

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Kristy, welcome! So excited you've joined us! It's great that you're continuing your journey as you make yourself a priority! Let's do this!

Taylor S.

10/22/2020 11:49AM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!
  • Super stoked post! Last year I started a (yet another) dieting journey on October 20th. This week I celebrated by hitting my 75lbs down milestone on the one year anniversary of that date. I’m super proud of myself for doing this! And it’s been a super stressful year. I’ve really enjoyed all the DietBets, StepBets, and RunBets along the way! It’s amazing the motivation I muster for a little competition!

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You look amazing! Congratulations!

Sarah M.

Awesome!! You can really see the difference!
Jennifer L. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2.6 pounds
09/22/2020 6:05AM in BET BIG IN SEPTEMBER - 2X WINNINGS!

Total weight lost is now 41 pounds! Average is 0.4 pounds.

Jennifer L. has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 2.4 pounds
09/19/2020 6:05AM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!

Total weight lost is now 8,927 pounds! Average is 13.3 pounds.

Jennifer L.

09/14/2020 8:53PM in BET BIG IN SEPTEMBER - 2X WINNINGS!
I’m a couple pounds up from my most recent weigh in on another game I’m in. Does my goal weight percentage go off of that weigh in, or will it start over for this new game?

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It starts over
Jennifer L. accepted the challenge.
09/14/2020 8:50PM in BET BIG IN SEPTEMBER - 2X WINNINGS!
The pot is now $2,300

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Yvette M.

07/09/2020 10:36AM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!
  • My early morning workout was a walk around Lake Merritt at sunrise. An amazing way to start the day!

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Jennifer L.

Wow!! I wish I had that view. I’m surrounded by corn and bean fields and not much else lol

Kayleigh J.

07/06/2020 7:41AM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!
  • This is me. Here’s a reminder and proof to everyone in here that this health journey we’re all on is a SLOW grind!! I’ve been at this a long time already, and still have a ways to go but damn I feel good! Dietbet has helped me stay of track! I can’t wait to see my results these next few months with everyone in this game!

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Mollie D.

Great job! I'm inspired! :D

Jennifer L.

Damn! That’s awesome!
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