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Rhianna W.

12/13/2021 3:08PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Hi everyone! Is anyone else struggling this round? I think i went wrong when i won the first round and thought i could “treat” myself but now feel like giving up knowing it’s Christmas and starting again in the new year 😩 im gojng to try again tomorrow but ive been saying that everyday this month 😂 the first day starting again is the hardest!

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I’m struggling!! I eeked in just at goal for the last round at the last minute. This month has been hard!! And now I need to lose 4 more lbs in 2 weeks?! I don’t see how it’s going to happen lol.

Brittany C.

For many years I would say “I’ll start on x date or I’m going to stick to my diet starting Monday” and the truth is that NEVER works. Start today. Make yourself a priority. Choose moderation over severe restriction. Give yourself some grace, don’t beat yourself up for any indulgences - that doesn’t get you anywhere and just leads to the giving up mentality. Get some kind of movement you enjoy in. Drink plenty of water (ideally half your body weight in ounces). Don’t give up on you.

Rhianna W.

11/26/2021 3:21PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Can you only submit your official weigh in on December 1st or 2nd for this round? Like can you not submit it earlier than this?

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WayBetter U.

You can definitely only do the official one on Dec 1-2.

Mary K.

If you’re participating in another game and submit an official weigh-in that the referees verify for that game, and it’s no more than 48 hours before our game’s weigh-in period (that is, after midnight Pacific Time on Nov 29), when you log into this game on Dec 1, you’ll be asked if you want to use your previous weigh-in. NOTE: this does not include the weekly weigh-ins for membership prizes because those are not verified by the referees. Also, you should email support@waybetter.com to confirm this. Also I think they may allow one early weigh-in per game, if you email them in advance and have an acceptable excuse (eg, traveling on the official weigh-in days). Anyway, don’t take my word, please email support before assuming you can do one of these two options.
Rhianna W. accepted the challenge.
11/02/2021 11:34AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
The pot in Round 1 is now $10,780

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