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Kei J.

07/04/2020 6:44AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
Missed the goal by 1.2 lbs regardless of near perfect habits. Still, I'm down 23 lbs from the start, and honestly if you told me I could essentially pay for motivation when I was younger and struggling to lose anything, I would have jumped on the opportunity.

I know I've hit a plateau, but I've got an entire thirty days to push a handful of pounds. It feels... possible. Within my reach.

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That’s the attitude. Get er Done!

Debbie R.

23 pounds is awesome!! Like you said 30 days to kick that plateau to the curb!!! You've got this!

Martina M.

06/16/2020 8:25AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
I am back after a dissappointing week of eating what i wamted and however much i wanted. I am now trying to reverse the damage i have done to my weightloss. Hopefully I will make it to the goal for the end of this round. I just feel like everyone around me doesn't care about what I am trying to achieve, they are always offering me food and saying I dont need to lose weight or I need to be happy.... I am 235 lbs at 5ft 2in, yes i need to lose weight! 😰I don't want to be rude but at the same time I just want to explose at these people. But it is my fault for giving in and eating. It is a terrible cycle though.

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Stephanie R.

Same. I eat before or I bring my own food. Honestly I tell them to suck it now. I was polite at first but if they can’t accept they have issues! Don’t let them make you feel bad! You do you! I know it’s hard but I promise it’s worth it!!

Kei J.

I had to stop eating with all my family and friends except for special occasions. I don't even share most meals with my S.O., and that's... hard. Their habits are going to put them in early graves though, and I don't want that for myself or them. I hope that my weight loss inspires them, so I'm not alone later in life, and so that all of our lives are of a higher quality.

Kei J.

06/03/2020 9:37PM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
I am just absurdly proud of myself. I'm a total foodie, and I've been overweight since middle school, but here I am!!! Made it with a little extra to spare. 💃

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Kathy B.


Debbie R.

Awesome :clap: