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12/10/2019 11:59AM in Healthy Halloween Transformer - Snack Giveaways!

Any other 50-somethings here? frustrating.

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Khristina M

I’m 48 (49 next month!). I hear you on 10lbs a week just by thinking of exercise! My recommendation. Find your balance. Here’s what is working for me. This is my take on muscle confusion exercise. I have figured out, exercise daily helps me maintain-or when trying to lose weight, suffer a miserable time from no movement on the scale. So what I have tried is work out every other day- meaning exercise to a sweaty mess- all the while eat the same for both work out days and non workout days. No more no less. That and my go to fruit are tomatoes. 3 tomatoes = 1 apple. Low sugar low carb, no guilt! So far this combo is working for me.


Thanks all! :heart:


11/22/2019 6:33AM in Healthy Halloween Transformer - Snack Giveaways!
I made it by .1! This round wasn’t supposed to be difficult, so I’m worried for round 2 but am glad at least I got this one. I don’t want to have to resort to fasting to make weight, so I’m going to start carefully reviewing my calories to see if there are extras creeping in somewhere. Good luck to everyone in this new round!

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I BARELY made it myself! I was exactly on the mark! I don’t know how I’m going to make round 2, but I’m going to try!

Lewis *.

Great job!!


11/22/2019 6:09AM in Healthy Halloween Transformer - Snack Giveaways!
Met my first round goal and actually happy with the weigh in dates. I didn't think about it ahead of time, but next weigh in is far enough after Thanksgiving to recover from that, but before Christmas eating begins. And the weigh in after that is far enough after Christmas and New Years that there should be enough time to correct that damage as well. This game has really good timing if you think about it!!!

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Thats so true.

Shawna B.

I like the way you think!! Haha

Mara M.

11/18/2019 8:58AM in Healthy Halloween Transformer - Snack Giveaways!
I started the warrior diet a few days ago and I like it so far. Its intermitent fasting, 20 hour fast and 4 hour eat windo each day.

So we can weigh in Wednesday through Friday

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Weigh-in for this game is Thursday and Friday. Wednesday deadline is for the weekly prize drawing for members.


11/17/2019 6:19AM in Healthy Halloween Transformer - Snack Giveaways!
I’m trying hard and have been super consistent the last 2 weeks (food, water, exercise), but the scale isn’t budging! I still have about 5 pounds to go to make the first weigh-in. Hoping for a miracle. I had a good first week, then there was a big food fest at work and that took a toll, even though I didn’t eat THAT much. I guess that’s how metabolism works (or doesn’t) in one’s 50s. I’m going to try switching to protein shakes for 1-2 meals a day and hope that helps. Ughhhhhh! I didn’t want the first month to be a struggle, since historically the second month has always been really hard for me. This is why I like StepBet so much better: I’m in total control of my success there! Anyway, thanks for letting me vent if you got this far.

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Thank you. You’re absolutely right. And I feel like even if I don’t make this weigh-in, I can still reach the final 10% goal if I stay consistent and don’t get hung up on the individual months’ results.


Lost a pound. It’s not enough to win the month yet, but at least it’s something! lol


10/28/2019 5:32PM in Healthy Halloween Transformer - Snack Giveaways!
I just hit my month 1 goal. This is exciting but I know it was mostly water weight. My strategy is to run with it and get ahead. That way when the hard months come I'll have an easier time maybe... I have more than 10% to lose so I'm not going to stop when I hit that number either!

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Rebecca H.

Sounds good and will be useful since month two and three we have Christmas !

Shawna B.

I had the same idea. I just reached my first goal. We have a lot of obstacles/holidays during this dietbet so it doesn't hurt to get ahead. I always lose the most right at the beginning as I change my eating habits and drink more water. Then I usually plateau, sometimes for months, so I'm hoping to reach that final Goa despite the obstacles. Good luck!


10/21/2019 1:55AM in Healthy Halloween Transformer - Snack Giveaways!
Hi! Has anybody here ever tried intermittent fasting ?
I've read that fasting one day (24/36 hours) per week can help detoxifying your gut, and wake up your metabolism.
As I have no thyroid and am 45 y.o., my metabolism is quite "dead" so I'd like to try... any opinions?

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Melissa W.

I do fasting most days and occasionally throw in a 24 hour !

Susan D.

I do 16/8 most days. Have done 24 hours 3-4 times, but only on days I am not working. Fasting really helps me stay on track. It may not be for everyone. For me it is easy as I have never really been a breakfast person. I think my body just prefers skipping breakfast. It also keeps me away from drinking London Fog in the morning