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to reduce my blood pressure and buy fancy clothes

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Favorite Health Food: salmon

Favorite Sinful Food: cheese

My Preferred Method of Exercise: BBG, elliptical bike

My Approach to Weight Loss: calorie deficit

DietBet Winnings: $149.59

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Anne B.

06/04/2021 1:02AM in Flex Kickstarter
  • First NSV in months : a T-shirt I had bought in Cordoba (Spain), size M, years ago ; I was so sure it was my size that I didn’t even try it on in the shop. Back home, I could not pass it by the shoulders ?? and now... it fits me perfectly. So happy today I had to share.

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Anne B.

Good idea, Krista. If you take pictures, it could be a very encouraging Before/After progress !


That shirt is so cute. What a great feeling when your cute clothes fit comfortably! Congrats :tada:

Anne B.

06/02/2021 1:34AM in Flex Kickstarter
I managed to maintain my weight of the previous DietBet which I had lost by 100 grams. I have decided that this won’t happen again 😁 . This time I will not wait and start as of day 1 to restrict my carbs, walk and drink more water. It usually is enough to lose the required 4%. Good luck everybody !

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Penny S.

I lost my last DietBet by a small margin as well. Very disappointing...but we got this!

Anne B.

Indeed Penny. It was “funny” though. I think the extra 2 weeks made us too confident :grimacing:

Gregory K.

06/01/2021 10:27PM in Flex Kickstarter
Greetings from CA. Since my last bet, many things have happened, and far too many pounds stacked around my belly. I almost didn’t do another kickstart as 4% of my current weight seemed to be a bit of a stretch. I was glad to find this one that gives an extra 2 weeks to make it. I feel like 2.3 pounds a week is something I can be successful at... here’s hoping.

Good luck, everyone.

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Good luck, neighbor!


Yes, I feel like I might need the extra 2 weeks to break my plateau.

Anne B.

05/19/2021 1:55AM in Flex Kickstarter
Missed my goal by 100 grams (not even 1/2 lb) but you know what ? I’m still happy : I feel those 35USD were an investment in my health (I hope those who have won will appreciate my participation in the pot that they are entitled to share 😁) Also, I kept fighting till the end so it is not a real loss. Now, I will try to maintain my weight until the next Flex Kickstarter starts (June 2nd). Be sure I will start from day 1 in order not to be pushed into this sort of a corner again ! Very important : It was a good support group this month. Thank you All !

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I wanted to say the same as Lisa. You can still make it! Go for it! End of weigh in is 20th 12pm PST...

Anne B.

I gave up, to be honest. I gave up weighing myself every couple of hours. Even thought of asking my husband to take the picture so the weight of the phone would not be included. But that is not the person I wanna be (well I thought of it:grimacing:) I need to feel responsible for my acts. It is a cost that will hopefully remind me of my engagements.

Rebecca G.

05/19/2021 1:12AM in Flex Kickstarter
I’m not usually so close to the wire. Major overshare but water retention and lack of fibre from low calorie meal replacements diet means I haven’t lost anything since Saturday which I should have at such a deficit but am super bloated and constipated 😭. Day 2 of fibre supplements and fingers crossed I can get there 😩

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Jessica MM

Let us know if you make it! :star2:

Anne B.

Glad that I could be of some help ;)

P D.

05/18/2021 7:31PM in Flex Kickstarter
Article talks about weighing yourself and taking accountability. Thought it was an interesting article.

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Anne B.

Very interesting indeed. Thanks !

Lisa Z

Thanks for sharing!
Anne B. accepted the challenge.
05/14/2021 11:16AM in Flex Kickstarter
The pot is now $35

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Anne B.

05/13/2021 3:19AM in Flex Kickstarter
I’m still fighting but won’t most probably make it to my DB goal this time. Good that my money is on the line, else I would have long given up. Forcing myself to drink water during the last few days of this flex DB, still hoping to leave this plateau ✊

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Anne B.

Hurray, finally got off this plateau. Suddenly lost 8oo grams from one day to another :flushed:. That is so cool ! Still 1 kilo away from the goal though... Need to stay focused. Thank you, ladies for your help and support !!


Try lowering your carbs below 50g a day, it's not keto, but for me it is enough to budge the scale...

Anne B.

05/11/2021 12:06PM in Flex Kickstarter
And just out of the blue : shark week 😄. Trying to lose weight without notice of this is a bit tricky but we’ll get there ✊

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Anne B.

05/06/2021 11:45PM in Flex Kickstarter
If I manage to reach my goal by May 20th (which seems still feasible but not certain) I’ll probably join a “Maintainer” after that. So many menopause symptoms get in the way of my weight loss journey 😓 (well that is my excuse anyway 😬). I would then after a couple of months join a flex starter again. Been fighting so hard the past few weeks.

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Mary K.

I’ll start Maintainer games in July. Woohoo!!!

Anne B.

Great, Mary ! Good luck !!! As far as I’m concerned, I changed my mind. I’m still so far away from my ultimate goal that I decided to make an effort. So I joined the Flex Kickstarter starting June 2nd :see_no_evil:
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