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WayBetter Kristin

01/07/2021 2:28PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • I'm blown away by all of you! It's incredible to have nearly 11,000 people all working together on their goals, and have $2 million to share as a reward!   

    How amazing is that!!  

    Congratulations on another $2,000 worth of prizes added to this game! You all deserve it!  

    In this first week we've shared where we are from, a random fact about ourselves, and what we're doing to nourish and move our body... Since we're talking about prizes, what is something on your wish list to help you reach your health and wellness goals? Also share if there is something that you are loving lately.  

    Way to go everyone! You're doing so great!  

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Lady Di

Wish list. Gaiam subscription, new cookware


Def any kind of back friendly workouts like a bike would be amazing! I’m loving my new yoga mat!

Jessica K.

12/04/2020 4:26AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
My weigh in was verified, and I met goal weight, but it didn’t say if it was accepted or rejected. I don’t have any additional payments/points in my log. How do you find out if it was accepted? And if not, why it would be rejected?

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Sometimes it takes time, and it could take from few minutes up to 12 hours... for it to be approved.. specially with so many people submitting their weight as off yesterday! Hopefully by the end of the day! Fingers crossed

Jessica K.

Thank you both. Refs accepted it today!!! Good luck to you both with the rest of the challenge. :)

Jessica K.

11/26/2020 8:15AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
  • Gotta get that pretty-Turkey workout in! Good luck to everyone as we approach our first deadline!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck with our first deadline! We got this! :punch:

Nate Dawg

11/25/2020 6:01AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
  • Hit my goal weight!!! Now to just make it through Thanksgiving without too much damage. ;) How's everyone else doing?!

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Yvonne G.

Not me, but you are inspiring me if you can do it I can do it


Awesome. Met round one. Getting ahead on round 2!


11/12/2020 11:08AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
I only lost a pound this week. I'm disappointed. I know I should be proud that I didn't gain and that I'm making progress but I'm not even close to my goal. I'm a bit sad about it, but I know I need to keep going.

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Sannah M.

My weight sways erratically in most days- depending on my carb/sodium intake, and hydration level.
I’ve just started using this app- Happy Scale; it really gives perspective in terms of the numbers and how daily fluctuations don’t define the overall trend.

Michelle G.

Never give up!!

Carol R.

11/08/2020 12:48PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
Hi everyone from Beaverton Oregon! Just joined today. Feeling motivated! Where is everyone from?

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stefen t.

I'm from VA but now in CA

Sannah M.