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Amy S. accepted the challenge.
08/07/2022 4:53AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
The pot is now $102,620

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Elanit H.

07/27/2022 7:37AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I need advice for a coffee lover. I drink my one cup every morning and I love French vanilla creamer. I really stick to to 2B besides for this. Does anyone have good alternatives that are still tasty?

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Francesca S.

I add cinnamon roll premier protein milk

Jessie Z.

Nut pods w a tiny bit of stevia if you want more sweet


07/19/2022 8:16AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I want to hear from you!

Aside from the scale, what are your biggest wins and proudest moments from the past month???

I want to focus on the Non Scale Victories (NSV) today because while hitting the number goal is great, it’s the brave changes in behavior and mindset that keeps the weight off in the long term.

I’m proud of myself for going out and not ordering drinks or food, which turned out to be totally fine!

What are yours???

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I have made my water goal of 72 oz. plus every day for 10 days-- the first time ever in my life. Today I added additional water to my shirt and biked to a pond, swam, dried off with the shirt that I'd originally soaked (that was dry by the time I got to the pond) to wet it again and biked home-- and was happy but sweaty.

Gabrielle R.

1. The scale says literally the same number, but I know I’ve lost inches because I’m wearing pants I wore pre-kids 6.5yrs ago! 2. Funny observation—my bra is looser (and I’m not sad about it bc my girls are too big and are a pain in the neck!)
3. My 6.5yo chose “cotton candy” grapes and red bell peppers on our weekly grocery run as her treat bc “she wants to have strong muscles and bones like you.” I also noticed my kids are drinking more water, too! They really do model your behaviors….

Holli H.

06/23/2022 4:13PM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Inspired by Illana losing 12 pounds over 6 months.

My goal is to lose final 15 pounds between now and end of December

Water first and veggies most

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You can do it!

Dawn S.

You have good goal setting
Amy S. accepted the challenge.
06/10/2022 1:53PM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
The pot is now $3,745

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Jennifer K.

06/10/2022 12:40PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • I’m so close to my goal!!!! I really have to double down! Day 61/80 done. I can’t wait to finish this so I can start F&F

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Amy S.

Great program, got my best results ever with 80 Day Obsession :100:

Amy S.

You really shred in phase 3, so keep going!

Elise J.

06/03/2022 2:44AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Hi friends & happy friday!! Check the google doc today for a Biden on avoiding stress-eating while traveling!! Then add any other tips you have, below!!!

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Ruthie B.

What does Elise mean by "for a Biden" in her message? Anybody know?

Sarah V.

@Ruthie probably a typo from "video" or something

Lisa W.

05/28/2022 6:29AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Anyone see on Elise' inta page (or was it fb?) she was posting a mealplan etc in her dietbet last night so folks could plan on the weekend? Did i miss it or is it posted somewhere other than here? Thx!

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Ellen H.


April K.

She just posted it.
Amy S. accepted the challenge.
04/24/2022 2:55PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
The pot is now $140

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