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Felicia K.

08/10/2020 6:59AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • AHHHHH this DietBet has come to an end (still have tomorrow to weigh in!) and I can’t even express the joy I feel hosting these. I sit and smile reading all of your posts/comments my husband asks me why I’m cheesing so hard 😂 Seeing so many of you have that mindset click, or at least just having those seeds planted...makes me SO incredibly proud.

    I KNOW how freaking hard this journey is. Weight loss is the hardest thing in the world mentally. A constant battle with ourselves. But I have so much confidence in every single one of you. If you made your goal or not, you are on your way to long term success. Believe it. I believe in you. DONT STOP now that this game is over. Use this as your push. Your kickstart. And I really hope to see you back here that much closer to your goal on October 1st for my next game. Thank you guys for being the most incredible group of humans.

    If you want to leave a review of your experience in this game/me as a host, feel free to make a post or comment below. ANY AND ALL feedback is welcome. I try to make these games worth it for you guys and would love any feedback from you guys for my future games. Thank you 💖

    I will still be here until the game completely ends! I’m so sorry for the hassle with the weigh ins. If you’re having troubles try deleting the app and Re downloading (ANNOYING I know) Unfortunately it’s out of my control and I wish it wasn’t. I’m so frustrated and have let them know.

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Judy L.

I thought it was going to be easy to lose 4%. I barely made it, but I made it! :sweat_smile: The last 2 weeks have been tough because I was craving junk food big time and had been working a lot so didn’t have time to meal prep or eat a regular meal.
Thanks to Felicia for hosting this diet bet! :blush::muscle:

Jillian S.

Loved loved loved it! This was my fourth diet and the best one I have participated in so far! There was a ton of support and everybody was very active and helpful. I would love to do another with you.

Lavina K.

09/04/2020 6:40AM in Get Fit with the Freemans!
  • Is it paid or free? Whats the password, if free.

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Danielle L.



Look at Joel’s post the password is there

Lavina K.

08/27/2020 11:35PM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
  • Going good with steps and water. I have Messed up with my diet.

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Lavina K.

08/21/2020 11:03AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
  • Steps are less than yesterday, but almost 5000 more than my usual steps.
    100 oz of water.
    Messed up with my food. No salad, only high cal food full of clarified butter.
    Tomorrow is going to be a challenging day. It’s festival time here. I ll try my best.

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Nancy C.

You can regroup ! Try to balance fun but keep your fitness goals in mind. Water and activity are a plus !

Lavina K.

08/20/2020 9:37AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
  • One of the best day. 120 oz water. Intermittent fasting. And 20,000 steps.

BJlovesJB , Joy and like this photo.


08/17/2020 12:13AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
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I'm a Stepbet Member, highly recommend

Lavina K.

Is it there in India. I can’t find in App Store

Brittany C.

08/16/2020 2:35AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Hey all! I'm joining a week late! Definitely taking a gamble here, but I am so determined!

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Lauren S.

I joined early but life got in the way so I wasn’t able to weigh in until last night. We can do it!

Nancy C.

I may as well be Considered starting late I had a lot of events and week one so I’m starting from square one good luck to all

Lavina K.

08/11/2020 6:15AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet

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Felicia K.


Lavina K.

08/03/2020 12:04AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
Last week had been very bad. I haven’t followed my diet. I had achieved my target on last Monday and then messed up big time. Except walk, didn’t follow anything and today I am up by 4lbs. It’s a festival month here and all tasty delicacies are very inviting. I got to be regrous now.
Today we have a very suspicious celebration here in India. We sisters tie band on the wrist of our brothers and bless them. It’s followed by lunch and family get together. So today’s day will go without any diet control. I hope, I ll be back on track from tomorrow and achieve my target.
How are you all doing?

Natw , Shay W. and like this comment.

Tanya W.

I had a horrible weekend. And I have hardly lost any weight during this DietBet


Yes, week 3 was difficult for me as well.
Try to enjoy the festivities and just use moderation as your goal. I. Going to try to increase my activity level this week in an attempt to make goal!

Lavina K.

07/27/2020 8:41PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • It’s 9 am here and I am done with my target. Last week I had gone 102,000+steps. This week target is 125,000 steps. I am done with 25000 steps. 100,000 to go. I am sure, I can and I will. I need to lose2 lbs. And I ll complete my 4th dietbet successfully.

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