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09/10/2020 11:49AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • There’s no making this look good lol, but I PROMISE it’s tasty! This is blackened chicken salad from Evolve (one of their grab and go options). Eat to Evolve foods sent me some of their prepped keto friendly meals to try and so far all of them are GREAT! Even my non-keto CHEF boyfriend has loved the ones he’s tried. They actually taste like they were made in my own kitchen with excellent seasonings and they provide all the ingredients and macros in every meal. I would have LOVED to have this service on occasion when I prepped for just me every week during my weight loss! The convenience is great and the food is high quality. 🙌????

    I’m working on getting a discount code set up, so let me know if you’d be interested in the link and code when I get it!

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Hannah E.


Cheryl W.



09/05/2020 5:05AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • DietBet gets to see it first!! ☺ Y’all, I just completed 75 Hard!!! (Yesterday was day 75.)

    It’s a mental toughness challenge. Every single day for the last 75 days I:
    - Did 2 x 45 minute workouts (one outside)
    - Drank a gallon of water
    - Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book (audiobooks don’t count)
    - Stuck to a “diet” of my choosing with no cheat meals and no alcohol
    -Took a progress picture

    No exceptions. If I had missed anything, I would have to start over at Day 1. AND I DID IT!!!

    Not only did I get off the quarantine weight, but I gained a bunch of muscle and got back my discipline. I feel like I’m back mentally to the me that I remember being during my whole weight loss!! With multiple TBIs last summer and quarantine this year I hadn’t felt like myself in quite awhile, and it feels SO GOOD to be back!! This challenge is super HARD, but it’s so worth it in my opinion!!!

Rheanne S. , Lori C. and like this photo.

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You look incredible! Definitely still making me think more and more about doing it

Lori C.

Awesome!! :raised_hands:


08/20/2020 6:06PM in Finish Summer Strong w/Losing For Health
OMG!!! Just weighed myself again after doing that HIIT challenge...and you guys!!!! I made it!! By .1 under what I needed to be. Whoop hoo!! Hopefully it stays like this for final weigh in for tomorrow 😬😬. If you keep your head in the game, stay positive and go get what you are after....anything is possible!!! Thank you everyone for being so positive and motivating! You guys truly helped get here.💪💪☺☺

Liz G , Kristyn A. and like this comment.

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You as well Kamdee

Hannah E.

Good job!

Kelly D.

08/04/2020 7:10AM in Finish Summer Strong w/Losing For Health
  • Okay, I have to take a moment to brag for a second. Yesterday I did something I never dreamed possible. I hit my 100 lb. lost mark!! Me, just a 49 year old teacher who doesn't go to the gym lost 100 pounds in 9 1/2 months! Proof positive that anyone can do this if they want it bad enough. Log your food, drink your water, and lace up those tennis shoes for a nice, long walk! You CAN do this!!

Harley R. , Hannah E. and like this photo.

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Ana M.

Awesome! You are inspiring!

Hannah E.

Good job!!

Hannah E.

07/23/2020 3:05PM in Finish Summer Strong w/Losing For Health
Hey y’all! I’m Hannah! This is my 4th diet bet and although I haven’t reached the goal in any of them, I have continued to lose so I win that way. I’m 21 lbs down in the 3 months of doing these! I’m here to tell you that even if the 4% is tough, keep going! This is a great motivation! About 10 years ago I lost over 100lbs and over the last 5 years, I have gotten married and lived my best life and let myself gain it all back. When Covid19 furloughed me from my PT job of 10 years, I got ahold of myself and started weight loss with my wife over again! We even started a pooper scooper business to go with our house flipping business! I won the air fryer in the first bet and we use it weekly for everything! Good luck everyone!

Lauren w. , Ana M. and like this comment.


I'm so glad you stuck with it! I did not. I lost 3 and just gave up. Until now

Hannah E.

As long as I’m losing, I’m ok with not hitting the goal. The end goal is just something to work towards. You can do it!


07/23/2020 3:01PM in Finish Summer Strong w/Losing For Health
  • Hello friends! I’m Elizabeth and I’m a museum educator at an historic house! I’ve had my weight go up and down all my life but having had a milestone birthday this year I’m really focusing on healthy choices while still enjoying my wine and cheese in moderation!

Lauren w. , Ana M. and like this photo.

Hannah E.

I feel ya on the wine fiend!
Hannah E. accepted the challenge.
07/23/2020 2:53PM in Finish Summer Strong w/Losing For Health
The pot is now $5,070

Lauren w. , Ana M. , Melody and Hannah E. like this accomplishment.

Keri K.

07/23/2020 1:24PM in Finish Summer Strong w/Losing For Health
  • Hey all! My name is Keri and I'm currently a registered nurse, about to transition to a new role as a midwife. I've always been a big gal, but active. I'm 6 feet tall with a goal weight of 180, so I have about 100lbs more to lose. Over the past two years of grad school I really stopped taking care of myself and I gained 50lbs in 2 years. God bless my husband for holding me together! He is an athlete and we love to travel. Part of my motivation for losing weight is to stay able to do lots of activities with him (hiking, rollercoasters, etc.) I started my weight loss journey 10 weeks ago and am 30lbs down! Exercise and better nutrition have really helped me to feel like my old self again, and I'm so proud! I'm excited to stay on this journey with all of you and keep each other motivated!

Lauren w. , Ana M. and like this photo.

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Ana M.

Keri I almost didn’t join again this time. Too much going on at work and home. But we have to make ourselves and our health a priority. Right? I’m so glad to see your smiling face. We can do this!

Keri K.

Thank you ladies! Ana, I'm so happy to see your face in here again, congrats for joining this game! :heart_eyes:


07/20/2020 3:55AM in Sparkle Through Summer w/Losing For Health!
Is anyone having issues submitting their final weigh in? It won't recognize that Im checking the box verifying myvoic follows the rules. Ive tried multiple times since yesterday. 😔

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carla b.

Going to try uninstalling now

Hannah E.

I had to uninstall app and reinstall


07/09/2020 6:27AM in Sparkle Through Summer w/Losing For Health!

It's that time of the week when we announce the 20 recipients of the $250 Whole Foods gift card. Congrats! You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Want a chance to get a prize next week? Become a member today! Without further ado...

Bryce N, Carlos FErika MJenJoannaCR, Julie TKatie D, Lauren DLinda OMaria P, Mark OMarie S, Megan M, Nicole MRhonda VSky, Stephanie P, Susan O, Suzanne, and Tara N!

Next week’s prize: your very own HD home theater! Stay in and watch movies on the big screen with this bundle of an HD projector, projection screen, and projection stand. 14 players get this $323 (retail value) prize. 

Angela J. , Hannah E. and like this comment.

Hannah E.

I would love to win next weeks prize!!!!
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