darling wendy

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Favorite Sinful Food: cheese-steak sub with EVERYTHING

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $151.84

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-0.3% Since last weigh-in-0.5 lbs
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-1.9% Lifetime Change-3.5 lbs

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11/03/2020 4:38AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - $2,000 in Gift Card Giveaways!
The pot in Round 1 is now $9,835

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07/31/2020 5:15PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Eco Gear Giveaways!
Is anyone else struggling. Ugh! I need to get out of this funk of just not caring😡 I mean I care I just can’t seem to make the right choices and we have what like less than 3 weeks now ... ok just a little whining on my part... hope everyone else is rocking it.

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I’ve found that even walking 45 minutes a day when I don’t feel like exercising has helped me lose weight. I also track what I eat through an app - mytransphormation


I’m struggling as well. But I do like the results so far. I just have to get this push going again.

Reagan Z.

05/18/2020 5:44PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Eco Gear Giveaways!
Need to vent. I had a bad past few days with outdoor seating opening up. I feel like I ruined my progress and am terrified to step on the scale thursday. I’m trying to keep my head up and tell myself that the scale shouldn’t be the only thing that matters and progress is progress. I was so excited for this because the first week I lost 7 pounds and now I feel like I’ve ruined that.

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Emily G.

I did the same thing over the weekend! I’m in another DietBet that I had a weigh-in for today. I stepped on the scale and I was up over my goal by 2 pounds even though I had been under before!! BUT eating bad food in one weekend isn’t making you gain fat necessarily; most of it is just water weight!! So I did a little intermittent fast until noon and drank some black tea (no honey or sweetener), and went for a run. It takes about half hour for me to get super sweaty! When I came back, I stepped on the scale, and I was at my goal :) Your weight fluctuates - don’t stress! Do at least 30 minutes of something that makes you sweat, and it goes right back down!

Sarah W.

Be gentle with yourself - these are very trying times!!

Hannah F.

04/24/2020 12:25PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Eco Gear Giveaways!
Hi everyone! I just joined dietbet and this challenge today! I always have a hard time sticking to a diet or lifestyle change. I'm really looking forward to being a part of this challenge and have some motivation to keep working towards my goals!

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darling wendy

I'm in the same place, just joined both the app and game. I do know that I have to track everything I eat or this will all be a no go. Good luck to us all!!!

Alicia C.

Same here! Good Luck

Stacey W.

04/21/2020 4:23PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Eco Gear Giveaways!
Hey friends! I just wanted to let you know about an app you can download that will really help you out! It’s a free app called FitOn! It has TONS of awesome/fun workouts from easy to hard and you can even pick how long you want to work out! I absolutely love it! When you have a chance, check it out! You won’t be sorry! Good luck everyone!

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Krista A.

Thank you for the suggestion!

darling wendy

I'm going to check it out, thanks for sharing!