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pamela t.

01/22/2022 10:29AM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • Well, my plans just went all to hell! I was going to live it up this weekend with a Christmas family gathering and get back to my meal plan tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be eating whatever my immunocompromised husband leaves outside my door!

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Karen B.

Hope you feel better soon

Angelica D.

Feel better!


01/21/2022 6:04AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Good morning!!!! I broke my “plateau” this morning! 164.0 to 163.8. My goal is to give myself a healthy body for my birthday. That’s today! Yay, me!!! And I’m not done yet. My ultimate goal is to get back to 140-145. Every oz counts! Keep drinking water first! Keep eating those veggies most! Keep tracking! Keep telling yourself you can lose this weight. You will lose this weight. You care to lose this weight. Your body loves losing this weight and so do you! Keep reading! Keep working out! Keep making delicious healthy meals. Keep putting yourself and your health first! And last but not least, keep it going! Believe in yourself and trust in the program.

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Amanda Y.

That’s a great birthday gift! Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!!! You’re doing awesome! I’m hoping to experience a “whoosh” soon!!

Sheena W.

01/18/2022 4:00AM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • The number on the scale hasn’t changed much but the picture has!!

Julia R. , LosingItOnTheFarm and like this photo.

Karen B.

Wow, making great progress


Great job!

Dawn H.

01/15/2022 9:14AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Yesterday, I hit my 40 lbs gone milestone! Today, I saw a 1.4 lb loss due to Aunt Flo aka the “witch” taking a hike. This is my progress since July. I’ve had wine, chocolate, cake, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners/desserts.

    We all CAN do this and not feel deprived or left out. It’s progress…not perfection. Make this a WLW (weight loss weekend)!!! 💪 😊 🐰 ✌

christina c. , Joe A. and like this photo.

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Hey Dawn. Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment! I hit 30 lost...then went up 10 :(, and am back down almost to my original 30 - so am more motivated than ever. Wondering - what is that app in your pic?

Dawn H.

Jen - it is Happy Scale. I like to use it for the visual

Jennifer S.

01/15/2022 8:16AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Ok so I need jicama help. 😆😖

    I think this one was spoiled but my question is how does everyone chop their jicama?

    This was covered in wax that I couldn’t get all the way off after using my vegetable wash and scrubbing and the shape of it was so bumpy that it made trying to peel it a nightmare!

    This also goes for rutabaga. I REALLY want to try jicama and rutabaga fries but I can’t seem to figure out how to chop them up.


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That jicama definitely looks like is spoiled. It should be all white inside. Best way to peel it it’s with a sharp knife.


I buy it already partially chopped at Trader Joes

Amanda F.

01/14/2022 7:51AM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • After almost 4 years of being on seizure meds and gaining weight b/c of it-last year I said enough is enough and started my first round of 80 Day Obsession. I keep saying it but I’m almost finished with my second. Trust the process y’all, we can do hard things and even if it seems impossible of if you’re told “well this is how it is for you now” don’t believe it.
    Change your mindset-change your life. We’ve all got this 💪what a difference a year makes.

Jill R. , Krysten T. and like this photo.

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Awesome! Great job.

Amanda F.

Thank you everyone!! It feels so good!! :smiley:

Beverley B.

01/14/2022 4:27AM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • Halfway through the challenge and 37% of the way to my goal… some work to do to catch up but I’m not sweating it. Oh wait maybe I am 😂 I hope everyone has some active plans for the weekend !

Krysten T. , loris and like this photo.

Karen B.

Looks like a beautiful place to go for a walk. Enjoy!


What a beautiful place!


01/13/2022 9:31PM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • One year since I started1/13/21/-1/13/22. 237.9 today 219lbs. I have fallen off the train a few times within this year but I have gotten up EVERY DAMN TIME.

Krysten T. , Natasha H. and like this photo.

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That’s fantastic!! You’re inspiring !

Karen B.

Great job!

Heidi P.

01/13/2022 12:25PM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Where’s everyone at??

    I feel good with my progress and 16 days left til weigh in!!!

molly d. , Joan R. and like this photo.

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Shannon S.

Up and down for me but currently at 60%

Alyse B.

01/13/2022 11:08AM in The 2022 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
Can you only win the progress weigh-in prizes if you are a member?

Sara Thompson , kcwasey , Kelsey , Katlyn T. and loris like this comment.

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Yes, weekly weight ins are for members only to participate in the weekly drawing.

Alyse B.

@referee Nancy M - oh yes! I have that temporary membership this for starting. I think it ends at the end of this month, potentially.
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