Brittany S.

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Favorite Health Food: fresh fruits

Favorite Sinful Food: pasta

My Preferred Method of Exercise: lifting weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: intermittent fasting, weights and adding more cardio

DietBet Winnings: $38.27

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06/09/2020 10:11AM in Syd's May DietBet!
I made it by 0.4. Now waiting for the verification cause I’m hungry

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Kayla G.

Just got mine too! Congratulations everyone :grin:


Waiting for the verification to eat is the WORST part of the bet:sweat_smile: CONGRATS on making it


06/09/2020 7:50AM in Syd's May DietBet!
Looks like I'm plateaued - only 1.5lbs away from my goal :( , but I'm in the June Dietbet, so I will keep on being consistent and will meet my next goal :)

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Brittany S.

You got this!

Rose Marsbar

Exactly!! Consistency is more important than a number on the scale xx

Brittany S.

05/20/2020 2:13PM in Syd's May DietBet!
  • Yesterday. And I’m down 5lbs so far!

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Nice work !

Brittany S.

Thank you!


05/20/2020 10:46AM in Syd's May DietBet!
How much time do you all spend per day exercising? I am currently doing aboit 2hours per day 1 hour of cardio and 1 hour of strength/resistance workouts. I am trying to get into a routine that will be sustainable long term. Right now I'm not working, no kids sports, no school and very few errands. I'm not sure that I will be able to continue 2hours a day when things go back to normal so I just want a few ideas from other.
I also do all my workouts at home, I've never been to a gym but I'm thinking of joining one once they open back up

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Brittany S.

At the gym I only do about an hour of weights and then maybe 10-15 mins on the treadmill

Jaki N.

I workout an hour a day. Monday, Wednesday,Friday strength/resistance and Tuesday
, Thursday, Saturday cardio/spin all at home. Sunday’s I’ll rest when I need it or sometimes do both strength and cardio. I wake up at 5am in order to get it done before work and I’ve been able to sustain it. I think it would help to set up a schedule you know will work for you once everything is back to normal. Test it out and see how it feels. But at the same time take advantage of the time you have now. And by all means don’t stop! :blush:

Cheryl G.

05/20/2020 6:57AM in Syd's May DietBet!
I’m struggling to eat healthy! Help :(

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Sandy B.

I find that meal prep is the key for me. I prep my dinners and snacks for the week on Sunday night. It really helps when you are feeling a little snackish, but don't want to cook. Just grab a pyrex, heat it up in the microwave and your done.

Brittany S.

I meal prep also and have been doing more salads, veggies, fresh fruits and nuts. I feel like I’m eating more food, but it’s better food. I do still have “cheat” meals, but I try to set a date of when I’m going to have it, so I have something to look forward to.

Syd Journey

05/11/2020 9:53AM in Syd's May DietBet!
  • Good Morning everyone and happy first day of DietBet!! My name is Sydney and I’ll be your host for the next 4 weeks so get ready for lots of fun, prizes, and chances to win some awesome gifts! In case some of you caught the news, I just announced my first pregnancy :) ! While I wont be participating in the game with you all (its my first time not playing), I WILL be supporting and encouraging you all throughout this entire game! Im super excited to provide even more support and motivation to you all. Before I lay out the first weeks challenge, I want to announce the winners for our first giveaway!

    Here are our introduction winners for the $10 Amazon Gift Cards:
    Megan R from TN, Christine from NJ, Hunter from LV, and Jeri from Oklahoma.

    Winners please email me from the SAME email that is listed with your DietBet account. Its so I can confirm Im gifting the correct person. Please email me at Thank you so much and congrats!

    For our first challenge I want to kick it off with my favorite challenge ever! The Staying Active Challenge! I honestly need this challenge so much for myself. Ive been getting maybe one workout a week in and I don’t want to lose my 4 days a week consistency. So I challenge you all to get at least 4-5 days of working out in this week for at least 30-45 minutes. You can do anything that gets that heart rate up (watching scary movies doesn’t count lol). Please post on here, the DietBet wall, or the Facebook Page when you complete a workout. Sweaty selfies, a screenshot of your fitness tracker, or a simple “I completed ___ today” work fine for me :) ! Ill post 3 winners on Monday 5/18! Ill be doing this with you all for accountability! We got this!!!

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Staci J.

  • I did 4 out of 4 days!! Great way to stay motivated.


I stayed active 5.5 days out of the last 7! ( .5 because a thunderstorm caused me to end my bike ride early on the last day, so only 23 minutes that day). I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Brittany S.

05/09/2020 9:54AM in Syd's May DietBet!
Weighed in! Ready to get started!

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Syd Journey

05/06/2020 5:00PM in Syd's May DietBet!
  • Welcome to our May DietBet everyone! Im so excited to have you for another 4 weeks of fun, prizes, giveaways, and challenges! It’s going to be a great game! My name is Sydney (known on IG at @syd_journey) and Ill be your host for the next 4 weeks! This time Ill be giving away more gift cards and cash prizes as I know shipping has been a little crazy with everything going on. So get excited!!! Ill be giving away our first $10 Amazon Cash Prize to 4 people that comment below the following: Your name? Where you are from? What are your goals for the next 4 weeks? Ill be picking 4 winners on Monday 5/11/2020 so make sure you comment :) ! Every week Ill be doing 2 challenges that will include extra prizes to win from me as well as some grand prizes at the end which will include:
    - x2 $50 Target Gift Cards
    - $25 Cash PayPal Prize
    - A TON of Amazon Gift Cards
    - A pair of wireless JLab Headphones
    - A HydroFlask Water Bottle
    - A $75 Nike Giftcard
    All prizes will be international so don’t worry if you don’t know what Target is, I can always gift you cash! Have fun, be yourself, and lets all win some money!

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Antoinette C.

Hello! I’m A from Minnesota! My goals for the next week are to keep a regular meal and sleep schedule as I go back to work. Good luck everyone!

Amy S.

My name is Amy. I am from Mississippi. My goals for the next 4 weeks are to finally stick with a diet and start to feel as better. As well as lose weight of course!