Vanessa L.

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08/05/2020 4:37AM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!
Missed weight again (third time), but I can’t feel bad about the progress this month. I’ve lost more weight than I did in the previous two months and am at the lowest I’ve been in my adult life. Getting through to this point had to wait until my previous weight-lifting program finished. The previous program was supposed to allow some weight loss but I just gained muscle without being able to lose. Not a bad thing, just frustrating when you have multiple goals. (Lesson: pick one thing at a time, dummy.).

The new program is aligned with a fat loss goal. And look at that. Allostatic load down, NEAT up, appetite better controlled, more sleep... weight loss. It’s almost like the real experts know what they’re talking about. Just sooooo hard to implement!

Anyway, that’s a long way to say I lost the round but I’m winning the war.

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Vanessa L.

Great attitude!

Jodi P.

I love this!!! Good for you for seeing past the scale.
Congrats on all your progress and lessons learned

Rachel S.

07/03/2020 9:27PM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!
It's after midnight. I thought the final weigh in would be now. Is it a specific time zone?

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Vanessa L.

It's Pacific time! So you can weigh in at 3am.

Wendi L.

07/02/2020 2:18PM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!
Does anyone do a cheat day after the weigh in?

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Jackie G.


Vanessa L.

Day of weigh in I have a cheat meal
Works out well that it's the 4th today and we have a BBQ planned!

Yvette M.

06/16/2020 9:59AM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!
  • NSV - yesterday I was looking for something to wear when I found a dress that was too small when I bought it. I thought, I’ve lost a good amount of weight since then I should try it on. I tried it on and it fit but barely, I was a little disappointed and confused. I thought it was an XL and other XLs are getting too big for me now. Then I looked at the label. It was a Large. I haven’t fit in a large since 1997. I still have a few lbs to go for it to be comfortable - but I fit a regular size large. At one point I couldn’t even fit plus size 3X.

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Vanessa L.

You look great!

Carly S.

This is so amazing!! As someone who has lost 55lbs, KEEP THAT DRESS!!! you’ll want it for reference!! Great job :purple_heart::purple_heart: