I really need some motivation to lose this 60lbs that I’ve gained! There are Power in numbers and I need to do this with all my insta bitches! :) Let’s keep each other accountable and get fit together! Love yall!

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Favorite Health Food: Trader Joe’s shrimp burgers

Favorite Sinful Food: Creme brûlée

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Sleeping

My Approach to Weight Loss: Quick and strict!

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

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08/24/2020 4:10PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • Congrats LISA H! You‘re the winner of the brand new Apple AirPods!

    Leave your email here and I’ll contact you! (If I don’t see it below I’ll get It through DietBet. Winner was selected using an online random name generator. All entries had the same odds of winning) 💗

    Thanks for joining y’all! I waited a bit longer for people to enter so I gave It a few extra days 😚

    I haven’t set date for the next DietBet but It will start in about a week or 2 so stay tuned on my Instagram! I’ll be giving away free entries so watch my stories! Feel free to DM me If got need me! Love yalll! 😚💗

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they automatically send It when you win! Everyone has already received payment I think! If you haven’t you have to contact support! I don’t have anything to do with the payouts that’s through the company itself! :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:


Thanks Lisa! I’ll send you an email in a bit! :kissing_closed_eyes::heartpulse:

Joti H.

08/23/2020 10:59AM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
Had the winner of AirPods giveaway been announced yet?


Just posted! Was hoping more people would enter so I gave em a few extra days :kissing_closed_eyes::heartpulse:


08/19/2020 7:11AM in Maddy’s July Dietbet

    It’s a wrap! Official Winners have been announced for the July DietBet! 😍 whether we reached our DietBet goal or not, we are still winners because we got something out of the July DietBet! We learned something new, we experienced something new, we did something new, maybe we even realized that we want something new out of our journey!

    🎁 How to enter the giveaway: comment below and share something new that you learned, did, experienced, or realized during the July DietBet! 🎁

    I will announce the winner on my Instagram story and on here in 2 days! Good luck y’all!!!! 💗😍

    (Winner will be selected using an online random name generator. All players who comment have the same odds of winning)

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Milton Y.

They’ll be ups and downs. As long as more ups than downs, you’ll be ok


I learned things take time, you can't just snap your fingers and lose weight. I have to be patient and consistent


08/16/2020 11:24PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
Okay so I didn’t lose 8lbs this month... but i lost 4!!! 😍 and losing 4lbs is way better than losing nothing 😋

I could have lost more if I wanted to be more strict on my diet. But I didn’t because I was having lots of fun going out on dates and fancy dinners with soldier boy! But the last 2 weeks we’ve been dating healthier as a couple and that’s how I was able to lose the 4lbs. I felt bad turning down the dates and dinners he had planned... It was the beginning of our relationship so I let myself indulge and I had fun! Next game I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing the last 2 weeks. Low carb, high protein, clean eating (or try too!), calorie control, lotssss of water, and soldier boy is really encouraging me to take an hour stroll everyday and said he’d join me so I guess why not right?

The AirPods giveaway is happening tomorrow! 😍 I’ll also post about it on Instagram incase anyone misses the wall post here!

Who’s joining my August DietBet?? I’m so excited! I’m gonna be trying a lot of the recipes y’all posted! the new game will start in a week or 2! Follow me on Instagram (if you don’t already) for details! @eff_being_fat 💗

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Shelly R.

I hit my goal, barely. I weighed this morning and was at 8lb loss but by the time I weighed in my official photo I was a few ounces higher. So I ended up barely under the wire. I’ll take it though lol

Jasmine M.

Girl!! At least you gained your momentum!!! I’m happy for your personal life!!! You’re always glowing!!

I’m happy to announce that I made my goal!! It was very close!! Thanks everyone for the inspo!


08/13/2020 9:49PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • Having some chamomile green tea with Leila! I love tea! I have a cup or two of hot tea every night. And she got me this cute mug! Isn’t It adorbs? 😍
    Green tea and chamomile (either combined or individually) are my fave teas. 🍵
    Ooooo I also make a skinny chai tea latte. I steep a bag of Trader Joe’s chai tea and let It sit for a while to get really strong. Then i add cream and sugar free vanilla syrup! Its sooooo good!
    any other good tea recommendations? ☕

Maggie G. , Savannah A. and like this photo.

Maria G.

I love yerbabuena tea before bed. I used to drink green tea before bed and I couldn’t sleep :sweat_smile:

Lisa W.

London Fog is my favorite—iced or hot. I also love ginger tea but made with fresh ginger. I just boil several slices in water for about 20 minutes and sweeten with monkfruit. Sometimes I’ll add lemon.


08/13/2020 6:30PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • Winner winner, grilled chicken dinner! 😬

    🎁 Congrats Jessica K and Zaneta T 🎁

    Jessica shared a delicious Pina colada smoothie recipe and Zaneta shared this link that has lots of yummy snack ideas!…

    I’m gonna try the chia pudding recipe during our next DietBet! 😍

    Ladies please comment your emails below and I’ll contact you about your prize.

    Don’t forget we have one final giveaway for the Apple AirPods! So keep checking out the wall for deets! 💗💗💗

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Jessica K.

Yay!!!! Thank you Maddy!!!


Sent!!! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


08/08/2020 5:43PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet

    Time for a double giveaway! $50 gift cards for 2 lucky players! 😍

    I’ve loved seeing all your yummy healthy recipes and cool healthy twists on classic dishes! Im sure we’ve all gotten tons of meal/ snack ideas from this wall! So let’s keep the recipe sharing going...

    HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: share one of your favorite healthy snack or meal recipes below! Either write out a description or post a link for it! You can even post a picture of the recipe if you’d like! 😍

    I’ll announce the 2 winners on Monday or Tuesday. Winners will be picked using an online name generator website. All entrants have the same odds of winnings. GOOD LUCK YALL! 😚💗

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I love apples with almond butter


I loveee a nice veggie platter full of carrots, cucumber, celery, and bell peppers with hummus! So simple but soo GOOD! :smiley:


08/07/2020 12:55AM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • Ok y’all... I think my motivation is back! 😬 soldier boy took me out to a bomb ass dinner at Nova Kitchen in garden grove (if you haven’t been there... GO! Now! It’s amazing!) and I stayed on plan! I had Sashimi, short rib lettuce wraps, no dessert! He even stayed on plan with me and ordered a ribeye with grilled veggies 😍😫 he first wanted to order the seafood fried rice as an appetizer. he said “do you wanna get the fried rice?” And I said “you should eat It! It sounds yummy! I’m gonna get sashimi”. And then he remembered that I’m not eating rice and he said “ohhhh sorry. I forgot! No no! I’m not getting it either” 😂

    So now I’m at home and I’m eating a piece of ChocZero sugar free keto Bark as my dessert / late night sweet treat! having you all, my bestie Christina, and soldier boy doing this thang with me is really helpful! I wish I had started taking this seriously sooner in the game ... but better late than never ??????????? btw tomorrow is my moms birthday and we’re getting pizza from her fave pizza place! Not sure how ima make that healthy but maybe I’ll have one small slice with salad? We shall see!

    Btw giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned! Goodnight y’all! 😚💗

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Jessica K.

My MIL's bday is Sunday and we are doing pizza :pizza: too... you gotta let me know how you survived it so I can too lol

Jasmine M.

Glad to see you have your momentum back! It’s so tricky. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, or months until you get that motivation back WITH the momentum. Your meal looks so yummy!!!


08/06/2020 11:06AM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
How much longer we got left in this game? is there still time to get serious? cuz I’m about to get serious 😇

Ive found 2 people in my everyday life that have started to diet with me so i can have in-person support 😍 my new boyfriend *wink wink* (aka soldier boy) and my best friend from law school (Christina) are both dieting with me! And lemme tell ya... it’s been easy peezy this week!

I hang out with Soldier Boy almost every day. We go out to eat a lot and rarely eat healthy. Which is okay for him because he works out everyday and is buff and fit 😫 not so okay for me because im round and thicker than a snicker 😬 Christina said she’s gonna do a low calorie, low fat, low carb diet.... similar to what I did after I had vsg. So I said I’ll do the same diet! We started on monday It’s been great because we text and call each other daily and send food pics and make sure we’re staying on track! soldier boy is eating healthy with me too 💗 every time we’re gonna eat something he asks “Do we eat this?” and “is this okay?” Lol. We stopped at the gas station last night and he wanted a snack so he went inside, then came back out empty handed and he said “i don’t know what to get. Come pick out stuff we can eat” 😂 so i picked out beef jerky and almonds!
Btw yall don’t even wanna KNOW how much I weigh 😫 it’s just shameful! Okay fine I’ll tell you....

Well maybe in the next post 😇 😇
To be continued...

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:joy: can we just extend the end date?! I’m not ready hahah! My husband eats terrible and he does most of the cooking so it makes it sooo hard!

Jessica K.

I feel ya! Its crunch time!!


08/03/2020 1:07PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • 🎁😍 And the winners of our First-Five giveaway are...

    •Christina A
    •Destyni W
    •Angelique B

    Please comment your email below and I’ll contact you regarding your giftcard prize!

    I’ll be hosting 2 giveaways this week! And don’t forget... we still have our big AirPod giveaway in the final week! 😍 I’ll be back in a little bit to give some updates about how this game is going for me and some updates about the Zoom meetings! Love y’all! 😚💗

    (If you were one of the 100 players to join this DietBet you were automatically entered into this giveaway. All giveaway winners are selected using an online random name generator. All 100 participants had the same odds of winning)

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Tiffany C.

congratulations everyone! :balloon:


Where the rest of the winners at tho? :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
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