I have a wedding coming up and two littles that need their mama to be fit in order to keep up with them

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Favorite Health Food: All things seafood

Favorite Sinful Food: Tacos, for sure! 🌮

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Boxing 🥊

My Approach to Weight Loss: Consistency 💫

DietBet Winnings: $101.06

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+2.8% Since last weigh-in+4 lbs
+2.8% 1-Month Change+4 lbs
-4.8% Lifetime Change-7.4 lbs

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11/25/2020 8:58AM in Franny’s November Game
  • The best feeling!!! :)

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Congratulations :tada:


11/25/2020 5:38AM in Franny’s November Game
  • 151.2 (8.23.2020) on left & 145.8 (11.25.2020) on right. I don't have pictures at my heaviest but I was 165 starting 1/2019, I've lacked consistency up until now though. I also started this diet bet around 155 but didn't take many photos of that either. So far this year, this is my 2nd DietBet with Franny and I'm loving the changes I'm seeing!

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11/24/2020 8:28AM in Franny’s November Game
  • So proud of myself! It's amazing how much exercising helped my overall mental health and wellbeing too. My hopes are to continue this as a lifestyle instead of starting over time and time again. Wishing everyone the best!! Happy Thanksgiving as well!

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Hi lauren!!! Congrats on your hard work and your soon too be official win. I hope you had a great dietbet experience.


I absolutely did, thank you! Still eating all your meals too :)


11/24/2020 6:36AM in Franny’s November Game
  • Breakfast today! 428 calories. I add EBTB seasoning and sriracha seasoning to the eggs and avocado, so good! (Not included: the 2nd piece of bacon I ate while cooking eggs haha)

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Loveeeeee EBTB it makes everything so much better!

Rebecca C.

11/21/2020 2:02PM in Franny’s November Game
Well it's official... I can't jump rope

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Sorry I laughed at this.. but I can’t either.


I have two kids and my second was almost 10lbs. I don't jump rope for fear of peeing myself lmao

Marsha A.

11/21/2020 11:37AM in Franny’s November Game
  • Found this step program on YouTube, 5000 steps in 36 minutes. Low impact and easy to follow. Boom!! Halfway to your step goal and no equipment needed. Great for when you don't have access to a gym.

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I'm gonna check it out tomorrow. Thank you!

Sarah W.

Ditto what Lauren said


11/18/2020 7:29AM in Franny’s November Game
  • Kodiak protein waffles with cinnamon, pure vanilla extract and pumpkin spice - topped it with 1 tbsp Teddy's PB. 320 calories and fills me up for hours :)

    I hope everyone is continuing to kick ass the last week of our DietBet!

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Yummmmmmm :yum:

Kolina K.


Kassandra W.

11/14/2020 9:06PM in Franny’s November Game
Had a ton of laundry to get done and end of weekend cleaning, since I go back to work tomorrow. Thought I could get to the gym after dinner, like last night, but then remembered they now close at 7pm on weekends.. well, until Wednesday that is. Sounds like there will be another shutdown. Got a short leg workout done with my resistance band at home instead. Lots of cramps and bloating today, so dont feel much in the mood for anything. Wanted to just curl up and eat ALL of the chocolate. But I refrained! Took some midol and told my uterus to shove it! Lol. Hope everyone had at least a semi productive day! Halfway done with week 3!!!

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My uterus was being a problem also... I did lay in bed with the heat pad most of the day. But I did get up and walk around and stayed away from the snack cabinet. WTG!!!


I feel this today :(


11/13/2020 12:48PM in Franny’s November Game
  • As part of my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I decided to give up alcohol (I was BAD). Instead, I opted to pour my energy into things that better serve me, both mentally and physically. I'm proud to say that I'm THIRTY days sober and I've never been more proud. Looking forward to continued progress and a healthier ME! :)

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Well done that’s amazing

Debbie K.

Yay congrats great job you got this


11/12/2020 10:54AM in Franny’s November Game
  • Kicked off my 33rd birthday with a massage followed by a 3.8 mile run & boy did I have to push myself. I feel great though... just had to keep reminding myself to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth haha. Your mind wants to give up long before your legs do!

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Happy Birthday


Happy birthday
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